Checklist for Cleaning Up After Office Holiday Parties

keep your business cleanOffice Christmas parties are an excellent method of bringing the year to a close. Use this workplace cleaning checklist:

  1. Firstly, it is recommended to create a committee that has the job of cleaning up as the party ends. This way, no one individual has the duty of cleaning the mess. Or, if the space is small enough, have all members help to clean up.
  2. Pick larger pieces of clutter up . Navigate through the room with a big trash bag, get items such as cups, paper plates, party hats, and all other larger disposable party accessories.
  3. Take holiday décor down. Store all pieces you would like to keep inside a container then toss out all other decor your business no longer needs.
  4. Sanitize every surface. Use sanitizing wipes and disinfectant to clean chairs, tables, shelves, and all additional office surfaces.
  5. Spot clean spills and stains. If you see any spills while the party is going on, immediately attempt to clean them. The quicker you take action, the more likely you will eliminate the stain before it sets permanently.
  6. Mop tile areas and hard floors. If your work place has any tiled spaces, particularly in high-traffic localities, they quickly can become dingy during an office party. Mop them up in order to make them shine again in no time.
  7. Vacuum all carpeting. Pick up all of the smaller debris and dirt to make the carpets appear new again.
  8. Clean your bathroom. If the office has the duty of caring for its own bathroom, make certain to thoroughly clean the area. Disinfect or sanitize doors, toilets, appliances, and sinks. Then, refill all paper towel rolls, toilet paper, and soap dispensers in order for it to be prepared for the staff’s return after the Christmas break.

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