How to Maintain Cleanliness During the Holiday Rush

The cleanliness of your business is always critical to the success of your company. But, during periods when there is especially a high volume of traffic – like the Christmas season – it is important to keep your business operating in top shape.

Common Holiday Floor Hazards

As dirt and scuff marks are common all yearround, the holidays bring a lot more foot traffic into businesses and stores. Some typical holiday-specific dangers your facility might experience involve:

  • Wet spots from rain and snow, which increase risks of slips and falls
  • Caked-on debris and dirt in tile and carpet
  • Water damage or saturated floor mats close to entrances
  • Mud tracks all through spaces that have hightraffic
  • Rain-, ice-, or snow-covered walkways that lead up to your place of business

While you continually should keep an eye on floor conditions to decrease safety hazards in the wintertime, especially, you additionally should not excessively clean the flooring. Too much wax on the hard floors may be slippery, and overdoing it using the vacuum may damage and fray carpeting, which is ugly and boosts the risk of possible trips and falls.

Carpet and Floor Care During the Christmas Rush

To assist in keeping your floors sparkling and appearing their best, follow these instructions for floor care:

  • During the daytime, mop up all wet spots, puddles, or additional caked-on dirt issues as soon as possible.
  • Prominently show safety cones in order to alert visitors to take precaution in damp or wet places.
  • During store hours, sweep two or more times to remove excess grime and dirt from floors.
  • As the shop closes, vacuum and mop up all dirt, taking additional care around entrances and especially high-traffic places in the shop.
  • Squeegee all hard flooring after treatment to extract all slippery residue that is leftover from cleaning.

If you would rather concentrate on your business than the floors, partner with skilled pros such as Triangle Legacy who are able to tailor a carpet cleaning program that is unique to your needs, budget, and facility.