3 Kinds of Hoarding to Know About

hoarding clean upHoarding can come in many forms, so it can be difficult to address and recognize it. Here’s what you should know about the most typical kinds of hoarding.

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Over-Sentimental Hoarding

Over-sentimental hoarding may be especially difficult because nearly any object might have sentimental attachments. Individuals might hold onto receipts from meals spent with family members, rocks picked up on a vacation, or additional random items. Their houses frequently appear to look as if they have piles of garbage, yet trying to toss out is met with a major outcry.

Book and Paper Hoarding

The kinds of items hoarded by one in this position may be pretty much anything that is made of paper. Some hoarders might have mountains of newspapers that date back for years while other ones never toss out junk mail. Receipts, magazines, pamphlets, books, and additional paper items also may be hoarded. Book and paper hoarding may present itself as tidy stacks covering an entire house, or it may look like huge piles of everything the hoarder saves.

An especially major concern for these types of hoarders is usually fire. Folks living in such circumstances are in danger if any candles, electrical sparks, or overheated appliances get close to all of the paper. Over a period of time, paper usually absorbs dampness and grows mold. It may result in respiratory issues for those living in a house that has paper hoarding.

Food Hoarding

There are all types of folks who store up a bit of extra food in case of an emergency. But, the ones predisposed to hoarding might begin to have compulsions about keeping food. These types of hoarders have so much stored up food that the folks inside their household couldn’t reasonably eat it over the course of multiple years.

People struggling with food hoarding oftentimes have some past trauma connected to fears of wasting food or fears of not a sufficient amount of food. If somebody removes lots of the food from their house, they may suffer with extreme anxiety. Even the idea of tossing out expired food or giving extra food away to people in need may be almost unbearable for food hoarders.

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