3 Myths Concerning Restoration Services

Here are the 3 biggest myths concerning restoration services:restoration-services-washington-dc

1. It will cost more to replace than to restore

In the majority of cases, services such as pack outs and content cleaning are substantially cheaper than replacing every item. For other ones, replacement’s the only option. For example, in the case of property fires, if soot and smoke byproducts aren’t removed properly from the impacted surfaces, they’ll have to be replaced. However, if the property owner is swift to contact the restoration pros, they successfully can remove the effects of soot and smoke, permitting an owner to avoid high replacement costs.
While addressing property damage, restoration providers always will prioritize the mitigation. The service is time-sensitive because it’ll prevent extra damage and more loss. To offer a rough estimate, the process of restoration should happen within 24 hours of the disaster, or else the impacted surfaces are at risk for permanent damage.

2. Cleaning carpeting makes them dirty faster

Within the past, inferior products, methods, and technology were used and that was the case. Inefficient carpet cleaning methods left behind soap residue which attracted extra debris and dirt quicker than before the fibers were cleaned.
However, improvements in cleaning processes and technology today permit for thorough flushing and rinsing, which prevents this from occurring. We are leading experts in all areas of carpet cleaning and restoration services call us today and make an appointment (301) 523-9419.

3. Do-it-yourself restoration is cheaper than employing a restoration company

In some instances, such as a grease fire from the stove or a small water leak, the damage may be cleaned with the use of household products. But property owners have to be extremely wary. All uncleaned spaces may open the risk for extra damage.

For instance, if water damage from a leaky roof isn’t repaired correctly, mold may spread and develop throughout the remainder of the property. It’ll require the efforts of a mold removal pro that may be far more expensive. Make sure you check out why it is better to employ a water damage restoration pro or why it is better to employ a fire damage restoration pro before you decide if you should tackle the restoration on your own or leave it to the professionals.

Contact a Restoration Pro

If during any time you aren’t sure if you should use a restoration pro or handle the impact of the disaster on your own, go with a restoration professional.