Prevention is better than Cure: 3 significant tips to minimize the effect of flooding in your home

We got ‘slammed’ this past week! ‘We’, being residents of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, were heavily impacted by a MAJOR storm system that ‘rocked’ the East coast of the United States this past Wednesday February 24, 2016 as it left record volumes of rain/water in its wake!

Although debris wasn’t the major concern with last Wednesday’s storm, many people were left with flood damage including flooded yards and basements. Even though we cannot prevent flash floods, heavy rainfall or tsunamis from occurring, there are some simple tips that we can employ to mitigate their impact! Okay, okay, let’s scratch ‘tsunamis’ from the list as those are on an entirely different wavelength!

The main point here is that it doesn’t matter what you ‘look at’, ‘prevention is always better than cure!’

3 significant tips to potentially mitigate the effect of flood damage in your home:

Flood waters from Hurricane

Rain Gutters and Downspouts

During the summer and fall seasons, rain gutters and downspouts tend to become clogged with leaves and other forms of debris. It is therefore imperative that you arrange to have these cleaned and free from debris before the onset of the rain and snow seasons. Failure to do so, could lead to a host of problems affecting other parts of your home. Resulting problems like leaks under the eaves and down the walls could subsequently lead to mold infestation which could ultimately lead to potential respiratory problems for you and your loved ones… big domino effect!

Sump Pumps

Your first line of defense against a flooded basement is ‘the sump pump!’ Since nothing is foolproof however, it might behoove you to ensure that the pump you currently have installed in your home, is working properly and has back up power. It might not be such a bad idea to have a ‘back-up’ battery operated pump installed, that can easily ‘pick up the slack’, when the main pump is out of commission!

Crack and Seal Alert!

A house is only as good as its foundation! Interestingly, even the most diminutive crack in the foundation of your home, is recipe for potential water damage of ridiculous magnitude! Remember, prevention is better than cure. It is easier to arrange for a professional to inspect your home thoroughly for any possible cracks that might exist. Focus especially on window seals, walls and basement floors. If cracks or holes are found in windows seals, consider replacing the entire frame. If cracks are found in the walls, consider patching with sealant. If cracks are found in basement floors, consult an experienced contractor to repair the damage to prevent the chance of water leaking into your home whenever it rains or storms.

Bonus Tip: Flood Insurance

Sometimes, in an effort to save money, we end up spending more. Consider investing in a good flood insurance policy that will give you and your loved ones some peace of mind, light of the unpredictable.

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