3 Things to Consider When Preparing your Home for Sale

Selling a home isn’t always easy. 

Now that the housing market in Washington is slowing down, it’s harder than ever to find a buyer that can pay the price that your home deserves. 

If you want to improve your chances of walking away with your asking price, then you’re going to need a lot more than just a good realtor and an attractive listing. The things that you do to prepare your home for sale could make or break your chances of success. 

Fortunately, we’ve got some top tips that you can consider when you’re getting ready to find a buyer. Read on to improve your chances of a quick and lucrative sale. 

Start by Fixing the Little Things

The longer you live in a house, the easier it is to overlook those little things that need some extra work. Maybe you’ve noticed a bit of mold on one of the carpets in your spare room, but you haven’t dealt with it because people rarely go in there. Perhaps your broken doorknob for the bathroom has become a household joke, rather than an item on the to-do list. 

Sometimes, dealing with these little things can make the biggest difference to your ability to earn a sale. Fixing the little things is an affordable and easy way to improve the value of your property quickly, without having to invest in any major overhauls. Speak to your real estate agent about the things that an inspector will check when valuing your home, then start writing a list of the issues you need to address. The list may include:

  • Repairing windows and doors
  • Replacing light switches
  • Dealing with cracked or broken tiles
  • Replacing flooring
  • Removing water damage

Work on your Curb Appeal 

The inside of your home might be beautiful, but it’s the outside that people see first. If someone drives by your house and sees flaking paint, broken down tiles on your roof, and a messy garden, they’re far less likely to come in and look around. On the other hand, if you’ve put love and attention into making the outside of your home look great, your buyers will assume that you’ve also been attentive inside too. 

Check out this quick Washington D.C. lawn care guide for tips on how you can make your yard look more appealing, and consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your window frames and doors. While you’re looking for issues to fix outside, don’t be afraid to invest in some plants and flowers that you can use to bring more life and beauty to your home too. A fresh green lawn and a few beautiful flower beds could be all it takes to get you that sale. 

Clean your Home and Keep it Clean

When you’re dealing with the stress of moving home, it’s easy for your regular cleaning chores to get away from you. However, when people could visit your property for a tour at just about any time, you can’t afford to scare them away with a mess. Start with some in-depth cleaning strategies, like a deep clean for your carpet, and bleach for all of your hard surfaces. Get rid of all the excess clutter that might make it harder to see the benefits of your home, and store anything you don’t need right now elsewhere so that your rooms have more space. 

Once you’ve gotten through the toughest jobs in your cleaning cycle, you can focus on simply maintaining the neat household that you’ve created.