3 Things to Consider While Purchasing a Home From Smokers

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal ServicesIf you’re considering buying a home previously owned by cigarette smokers, it is vital to be alert of possible issues—which includes potential health problems. In this post, we go over three factors to contemplate while purchasing a house from tobacco users.

Smoke Stains

Even though health problems are the main concern, the residue left by cigarette smoke generates a yellowish-brown spot on floors, walls, and ceilings, inside ventilation systems, and on household appliances. The spots are extremely challenging to get rid of, oftentimes requiring a lot of scrubbing. Special primers and several coats of paint usually are required on walls and ceilings.

Spots on some surfaces, like window coverings, blinds, and carpets are often so bad that the things must be replaced and discarded. In addition, residual nicotine may leach through several coats of paint.

Smoke Smell

The unpleasant tobacco smoke odor may remain in a home long after the final tobacco product was lit. Smoke particles bind themselves to nearly any surface, yet especially to porous and soft ones. Attempts to cover up or mask the odor with deodorizers are futile. The majority of non-smokers who enter a home in which smokers have lived may detect the smell almost instantly.

It is vital that you recognize that if you smell the scent of tobacco in the residence, it probably means that the stains and carcinogens are also still there. Therefore, in addition to the repulsive odor, you will have to contend with ugly stains and the possible health problems.

Smoke Damage

Smokers do not always use ashtrays. Bathroom vanities, carpeting, countertops, and additional surfaces may suffer permanent damage if a cigarette has been left to gradually burn and ultimately burn the surface.

The most frequented spaces of the house likely will have smoke damage, which includes the bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, kitchen, garage, and basement. Carpets, particularly close to where a chair or couch was located, might have scorch marks or ground-in ashes from an ashtray that was overturned.

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