3 Types of Hoarding to Be Aware Of

hoarding-servicesCompulsive hoarding involves a behavioral disorder which may present itself in several ways. Here’s what you should know about the most typical kinds of hoarding.

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Animal Hoarding

This type of hoarding is especially harmful because it leads to such horribly unsanitary conditions for human beings and unsafe conditions for animal species. It’s critical that you keep in mind that folks in this situation aren’t being intentionally cruel. The ones who hoard animals experience a kind of delusion disorder in which they don’t recognize that their pets are mistreated.

Collector Hoarding

There may be a fine line between collecting and hoarding. Folks struggling with collector hoarding choose a subject, like snowglobes or toy cars then try to hold onto as many of those items as they can. Unlike an average collector, hoarders usually keep anything associated even slightly to their subject of interest.

Frequently, this hoarding style begins as a normal collection. But, the ones with other mental problems such as anxiety issues, depression, attachment disorders, or dependence disorders, might slowly move towards these types of behaviors as a coping technique. Handling those cases may be very tricky because the hoarder thinks they’re just the average collector. Since the hoarder doesn’t see anything irregular about their behavior, they’re less willing to get help.

Extreme Hoarding

The homes of extreme hoarders are usually filled with huge piles of hoarded items which render nearly every room useless. Individuals might not have kitchens they can utilize to prepare food or beds to sleep in because all surfaces are stacked with objects. As with all hoarders, extreme hoarders oftentimes feel humiliated by the clutter, and since the clutter has taken over their whole house, they don’t have the ability to allow repair people, family members, or friends into their houses.

These types of hoarders have the greatest risks of being wounded due to their hoarding. Massive stacks of objects might fall on a hoarder, and trap them or seriously harm them. The overwhelmingly gigantic piles of items are frequently a breeding ground for roaches, mold, and other critters that may cause diseases in humans.

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