4 Tips to Maintain Your Carpet Quality

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report on carpet sales found that 52% of US residential homes have carpeted
floors. In the fourth quarter of 2020, there was an estimated 13% increase in
residential carpet sales, with consumers willing to spend as much as $8000 to
upgrade their flooring. Many attribute this growth to the recent surge of a work-
from-home environment, where people have grown to value carpet’s insulating
properties, comfortability, and greater safety from slips and falls.
However, maintaining a carpeted floor is no easy task. Unlike wood or ceramic
flooring, carpet retains dust easily, and you cannot just wipe any spills up without
using a dedicated remover. Although it takes a lot of effort to keep carpet quality,
protecting your flooring can ensure it lasts long without needing significant
renovations. Listed below are some ways you can maintain your carpet quality:

Clean your carpet regularly
A crucial part of maintaining carpet quality is ensuring your carpet is free of dust
and stains. For simple weekly cleanups, it helps to have a robot vacuum with a
larger dustbin capacity, so that it can store more dirt on the job. These automated
tools are particularly beneficial for houses with extensive carpeted floors as they
can navigate your home independently and ensure each reachable spot is
cleaned. In addition to maintenance, getting your carpets professionally cleaned
can keep allergies at bay. Professionals use powerful cleaning methods to
eliminate allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander trapped within the
carpet fibers, ensuring your carpet is free from any build-up debris and stays

Establish a “no shoes” policy indoors
One of the best ways to keep your carpet clean is to take off your shoes at the
door. The soles of our shoes not only bring dirt and different substances from
outside but can also be abrasive on your carpet fibers and quickly wear them out.
If you have to bring your shoes inside, we recommend placing your shoe rack
near the door and having a water-absorbent mat at the doorway entrance. This
can minimize the dirt and moisture brought into a carpeted home, keeping the
rest of your house free from outdoor grime and comfortable for your feet.

Minimize direct exposure to sunlight

On any sunny day, it’s crucial that you keep your carpet away from sunlight.
Much like your skin, when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays, sunlight can
penetrate carpet fibers and gradually damage them. On lighter fabrics, UV-A rays
can convert water within carpet fibers into hydrogen peroxide, fading colors and
turning white or lighter fabrics into an unappealing yellow. According to a study
on textile discoloration, textiles continually exposed to UV had seen almost 30%
discoloration as their dyes are broken down. To protect your carpet from fading,
you should install curtains or blinds to block out sunlight.

Clean spills with the right tools
When cleaning up a mess, it can be tempting to try scrubbing any excess liquid
or stains out. However, intense scrubbing will only damage your carpet,
potentially pushing particles into your carpet threads and making it more difficult
to clean. Instead, it’s best to pick up whatever spill you can and then use a
dedicated stain remover. Also known as spot-cleaning solutions, detergents can
remove carpet stains. Depending on your carpet and typical household problems,
your arsenal may need different types of stain removers. In case you’re caught
off-guard, a 1:1 ratio of water and white vinegar can help in a pinch to clean up
most messes, be it a pet mess or spilled juice.

Article written by Rachel Jessen

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