5 Bathroom Hacks that Make Life Easier

The way that a bathroom feels and looks may make/ break that comfy feeling we look for in a household. Thankfully, there are some simple hacks which are going to help keep those spaces stylish, organized, and clean.

Mason Jars

bathroom hacksDo you have any mason jars taking up space in the garage?  Move them to your bathroom to store hair bands, cotton balls, Q-tips, etc. It’ll make for a simple do-it-yourself project which will permit your country style to permeate this otherwise neglected room. With some simple tools and items, it’s possible to mount them on your wall.

Photo source: beautyandbedlam.com

Large Area Rugs

Choose large area rugs which cover the floor in front of your bathtub and toilet so you do not have several pieces in your bathroom.  Particularly in smaller bathrooms, one big rug will make all the difference. It’ll leave the floor clutter less while also keeping your feet from making contact with a cold floor. Such carpets are simple to maintain.



Spice Rack Shelf

Spice storage racks are clever methods of storing beauty products such as lotions, additional soap bottles, makeup, Q-Tips, etc. These extras will make a clean restroom appear like a chaotic mess. However, since we utilize the mon a daily basis, those items usually sit on a counter, as well as take up a lot of space. Racks are easily mountable, small solutions for organizing and fitting all your doodads.


Rack Storage

You can mount racks on the walls, or place them on floors or shelves, to store additional towels. If there is a lack of closet space, or you prefer easy, quick accessibility, individually roll towels then fit them inside wine racks. In addition, a rolled towel takes up a lot less space than a folded towel. This easy tip is stylish, and there are a broad array of styles to pick from.


Photo source: LoveThisPic.com 

Hers and His Towel Hooks

Does sharing a bathroom towel actually make you cringe? Screw in Hers and His hooks as a replacement for rods. Hers and His wall hooks are decorative and fun additions which will track who that towel belongs to.



Photo source: wanelo.com