5 Carpet Trends We’re Seeing Right Now

natural fiber carpetCarpet is an excellent option for basements, dens, or bedrooms, in which hardwood may feel too sterile and cold, or any room in which there’s a risk of water damage. Wall-to-wall carpeting may add texture and offer warmth to your space.

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If you are considering carpet, here is a list of five of the trendiest ideas for 2021:

Natural Fiber Carpet

If you are torn between hardwood and carpet, consider natural fiber carpeting. Natural fiber carpeting materials like seagrass, wool, sisal, or jute are an amazing alternative to hardwood because they provide a similar organic feel and look without the maintenance or high price that comes along with hardwood.

Try Animal Print

If you are attempting to incorporate a little maximalism into your interior space, consider animal print carpet. The look is not for the shy interior decorator, yet cheetah or leopard print carpet is an exceptional way to make a bold statement in any space and add a lot of texture.

If you are concerned with overwhelming the space, keep the remainder of the decor to a minimum.

Wild for Stripes

Stripes are a fun way to make a small space look wider or longer. The optical illusion adds depth to any space and draws the eye in. Try large bold stripes, however, don’t shy away from thinner striped patterns for a more preppy, subtle appearance.

Layered Rugs

Just because your house has wall-to-wall carpeting does not mean you cannot incorporate a couple of area rugs, too. When correctly done, layering area rugs on top of carpets are fantastic ways to update old carpet or add extra texture.

Get a Vintage Rug

Installing carpeting on stairs is not only beautiful but also functional. Carpeting will add traction to stairs and offer a soft landing in the event of an accident. In order to modernize a stair runner, think about investing in a vintage rug rather than traditional carpeting.

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