5 Common Signs That Indicate Towards Mold Exposure

Molds grow both indoors and outdoors. And when indoors, they may invite specific issues. In this blog, you will read how to identify them on time and eliminate potential risks. 

Mold growth is a common problem among homeowners in Maryland. While you may think of it as just a cosmetic disorder dominating the dark, damp areas of your house, it may cause severe damage to your health as well as property. So, it is essential to look for mold removal in Potomac, MD, and get it eradicated at the earliest possible time. But even before that, you should know how to identify it. These signs will help:

Unusual surface abnormalities

Your wallpapers are supposed to peel off after a certain time, but it should not happen unusually. If you notice unusual surface abnormalities such as sudden bubbling, peeling, or cracking, it can be a sign of mold attack. It may start with the presence of moisture that further leads to mold growth. Whatever be the case, getting it resolved without any delay is crucial.

Weird odor from the HVAC

Have you started getting a nasty smell from your heating or air conditioning system too frequently? It can also be a sign of mold exposure. Standalone AC units are dark and damp and hence are an easy target spot for molds. To avoid the problem, you should consider getting them checked by an HVAC specialist at regular intervals. 

Running nose and sneezing fits

Another sign of mold reaction can be a cold that doesn’t go away despite several efforts. If that’s the case, you should try to figure out whether the problem worsens after spending some time in certain corners of your house. And if it does, there is a high probability of mold development. Mold or no mold, it is never wise to ignore flu-like symptoms, considering the current scenario.

Spots on your walls

Molds can take any texture and color – from grey to green and slime. However, not all the spots are molds. So, how to identify? Give them some time and check whether they grow. Molds grow, but dirt spots and stains don’t. And that could be the easiest way to ensure a mold attack. 

Itchiness and irritation

While you may be aware of mold infesting your walls and floors, you may miss checking on your clothes, and that could be your worst mistake ever. Mold growth on wet garments may lead to skin irritation and cause severe discomfort. So, for the next time, if you feel itchy, make sure to look for mold. 

The bottom line

Mold is hazardous yet treatable. The key is to detect it on time and avoid a number of problems, including but not limited to breathing problems, fatigue, headaches, neurological disorders, and property damage. By knowing a few subtle signs, you can easily ensure better safety for your people and property. Regularly checking your plumbing can also help prevent mold infestations.

In case you’re looking for mold removal in Potomac, MD, reach out to us today.