5 Things to Do to Prepare for Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

Carpet cleaning can help freshen your home in no time. It also extends the life of your carpets. While you don’t have carpet cleaning potomac mdto mess with the dirty work when hiring a professional carpet cleaner, there are some things that can be done to ensure your carpets are cleaned the best they can be.

1. Make sure the floors are vacuumed before the cleaners arrive. If you are able to remove a lot of the debris and dirt from the carpeting before the cleaner arrives, it will allow the cleaning company to focus on the dirt deep down and not just surface dirt.

2. Dust and clean out the HVAC registers and dashboards. By taking the time to clean these areas, you can prevent the carpeting from getting dirty right after your carpets are cleaned.

3. Spend some time gathering up all of the fragile items around the areas where you plan on having the carpets cleaned. Remove anything that could potentially be broken and put it into a safe area.

4. If possible, try to move all of the furniture out of the rooms that you need cleaned. Removing all of the furniture will ensure that the carpet cleaners can clean all areas of your carpets. Moving furniture is not something that we require but it can help. If you are unsure about whether or not you should move any furniture, you can always ask when scheduling your appointment.

5. Remove all of the smaller items from your floors. Things like floor lamps, toys, clothing, wastebaskets and other small items need to be put elsewhere. Lift the bedspreads, drapes, dust ruffles or anything else that might be resting along the floor. The best thing you can do is to keep them away from the carpet cleaning company’s tools.

By going through the things above, you can make the carpet cleaning process simple and efficient. Preparing things ahead of time saves you time and hassle and makes the process as smooth and effortless as possible. After getting the carpets cleaned, everything will look amazing and smell fresh. To begin the journey to a cleaner home, call Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning and schedule your appointment today.