5 Ways to Stay Warm & Safe in Cold Weather

tips to stay warm

    1. Keep Your Hands & Feet Toasty
      Hypothermia begins in the hands and feet, so keeping them warm is extremely important!  Whether you’re walking your dog or walking around the corner, wearing sturdy shoes that keep your feet dry as well as preventing slips is key to staying warm and safe during the winter weather.
    2. Eat Things That Help Keep You Warm
      We all know that eating healthy in colder weather helps fend off the flu, but it can also help keep you warm! Eat healthy fats such as salmon or nuts. This boosts your metabolism and in turn heats the body.If your New Year’s Resolution is to get in shape, dont worry – you can skip the fatty foods and consume soups, hot coffee, tea, and spicy foods.
    3. Keep Heat Consistent
      Keeping your thermostat at the same range in temperature every day and night will prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting. Although no one wants a high heating bill later down the road, a frozen or burst pipe can be even more expensive. If you plan to be away from home for an extended period of time, keep the thermostat above 55 degrees!
    4. Watch Out for Antifreeze
      Anti freeze and salts are often used on sidewalks to melt ice and snow, but it can be very dangerous to humans and pets if ingested.Please research the signs of antifreeze poisoning and monitor children who are behaving oddly after returning from outside. Also be sure to thoroughly wipe down your pooches paws, stomachs and tails so they do not ingest the chemical when cleaning themselves.
    5. Unfortunately, Alcohol Decreases Body Temperature
      Although these beverages may cause you to feel warm, they actually decrease your body temperature and can be dangerous during colder months. Alcohol reverses certain reflexes that control body temperature, especially the body’s ability to shiver. It can also make you sweat, regardless of how it feels outside, which can lower the body temperatures even more.