7 Quick and Economical Kitchen Upgrade Ideas

Kitchen upgrades are generally counted among the more expensive and time-consuming home improvement projects. However, it is possible to introduce some small yet smart changes in your kitchen that would not only give it a more polished look but would also enhance its functionality without the need for a full-fledged renovation. Here is a list of a few innovative ideas to give your kitchen a quick pep.


  • Change the Accessories

We all know how accessories spruce up an outfit; you can well apply the principle to managing kitchen upgrades within budget as well. To change the look of your kitchen you don’t always need to take up heavy projects like replacing entire cabinets and countertops; just a replacement of handles, knobs and hinges can give it a face lift. Moreover, it is a wise idea to upgrade these small but important hardware pieces of the kitchen to ensure smooth functioning. You can also use interesting designs of molding & trims to aesthetically enhance your kitchen.

  • Paint Up the Place Afresh

Add some color to your kitchen to make it look fresh. A solid coat of paint, a design on one of the walls, fresh finish on cabinet surfaces – you can play around with painting and refinishing. And you don’t necessarily need a professional to paint your kitchen; take the job up with a friend or family member and it will make for a fun filled activity while also adding a memorable personal touch to the kitchen.

  • Work on the Interiors (new drawers, drawer dividers, shelves)

Get more organized by working on the interiors of your kitchen cabinets. This one too is an important aspect of kitchen remodeling. Stores catering to home improvement products stock a whole lot of things that you can add to your cabinets and drawers to get maximum utility out of them. These include modular trays, sliding shelves, drawer dividers, drawer glides etc.

  • Clean Your Appliances to remove dirt & stains

Your appliances make a major part of what your kitchen looks and functions alike. Therefore, cleaning your appliance will also give you a clean feel in the kitchen.

  • Clean/Polish the Floor, Clean the Grout lines & Your Backsplash

Deep cleaning and polishing kitchen tiles/floors and backsplash is a healthy and aesthetically pleasing kitchen upgrade to go for. Professional cleaning services such as Triangle Legacy specialize in tile/grout cleaning and can easily accomplish a cleaning and polishing project for you. The task is best left to professionals since the machines, products and skills they employ would do a much neater and much quicker job than you can do by yourself.

  • Work Around the Countertop

Changing the kitchen countertop is a slightly bigger kitchen remodeling project and may be costly depending on your kitchen size & changes you want to make. If you’re not yet in the mood for expending that kind of time and money, you can bring in a few changes in the countertop to substantially change the look of the kitchen. Re-polishing the granite & sealing it with a sealant can help you not only make the granite appear nice & clean but also increase its life by forming a layer over it.

  • Seek the Kitchen Remodeling Services of Triangle Legacy

When planning out kitchen upgrades, it’s natural for you to need some help with tasks like plumbing, cleaning, managing electrical connections, installing fixtures, replacing hardware, painting, minor constructions, light woodwork and repairs. Triangle Legacy has on-board a set of well-trained and skilled kitchen renovation specialists who can efficiently and cost effectively handle all these tasks for you while you work on planning your kitchen upgrade. A good remodeling contractor like Triangle Legacy will ensure that you get to complete your project smoothly and successfully without the hassles of having to do tricky jobs and all within your budget.

If you are looking for a professional kitchen remodeling, it is a good idea to get a kitchen renovation contractor to do it for you. By outsourcing the chore to a smart professional, you will be able to get the job done efficiently and in a short time, making it a worthwhile investment.