7 Tips for Spring Cleaning

spring cleaningAre you prepared to give your house a top-to-bottom cleaning? Concentrate on carpeting, appliances, and furnishings. Once you have covered those major projects, you will have your house spring-cleaned in no time.

Make all of your doormats welcoming

Shake, wash, and swat doormats using a broom. Give doormats the roughest cleaning they can take. They are your front line defense against tracked-in grime—therefore, keep them clean enough to operate at peak efficiency.

Clean upholstery and carpets

Fabrics which have taken in a winter’s worth of germs, body oil, and dirt will require a deep spring cleaning to get them prepared for an additional year of wear—and for those close inspections by your relaxing visitors.

Wash woodwork, baseboards, cabinets, and walls

Your walls might not look like they need a bath—soot and dust fall to the floor, right? The majority of it does, yet just enough adheres to vertical surfaces to warrant a pre-holiday or seasonal bath. Use a hand washing detergent and sponge, washing the surface in parts.

Vacuum Smartly

The older rules mandated that you undergo the labor-intensive activity of dragging each stick of furniture off of your carpet while spring cleaning, just so your vacuum cleaner would be able to cover all nooks and crannies. Instead, just move these large items a bit to the right or the left. Vacuum the space previously occupied by your furniture then move it back.

Clean all ceiling fixtures

Extract dirt and dust from air conditioner vents and ceiling fans using a cloth and vacuum that has a soft nozzle attachment.

Clean light fixtures

A couple of minutes with a polish cloth, a sponge, all-purpose cleaner, and a stepladder will offer new light to your life. If your house has tall ceilings or skylights, consider buying an extended reach dust and dirt-removal tool and a stepladder, available at your area home supply store and hardware store.

Check coils

You ought to clean the condenser coil in your refrigerator while spring cleaning, typically located behind the toe grille, using a long handled bottle brush in addition to a vacuum cleaner that has an attachment hose to extract lint and dust.