Addressing Burst Pipes

During the winter months, temperatures can drop to below freezing in no time for certain parts of the country. If it is a particularly harsh winter, you could have temperatures hitting -20 degrees at night for days on end. When that happens, there is a chance that you could end up with a burst pipe in your home. If that happens, you run the risk of major damage if you don’t do something about it fairly quickly. It’s imperative that you take the time to address the water damage right away. You need to get to the heart of the problem so that your home doesn’t sustain further damage as the result of the burst pipe.

Depending on what pipe burst and where it was located, you could end up with multiple areas being impacted by water. Some of the more common areas of concern include:

  • Electrical Systems – If water penetrated your electrical system, you need to have a qualified professional come out to deal with that right away. Water and electricity don’t mix, so you don’t want to run the risk of electric shock for trying to handle something that you aren’t trained to do. Leave it to a licensed professional.
  • Walls, Baseboards, and Wallpaper – If any of these areas are damaged, you might have to remove the damaged parts to prevent mold from forming on the surface. The last thing you want is for mold to start forming and taking over your home. Mold can form in as little as 24 hours, so you don’t want to wait when dealing with water damage.
  • Floors and Subfloors – The same thing applies to your flooring as your walls and baseboards.
  • Furniture, Carpet, and Personal Items – Furniture and personal items can sometimes be dried out and saved, but it all depends on how quickly you act and the extent of the damage. Carpeting can sometimes be dried out, but it all depends on how long it was wet and how deep the water was. 

The best thing to do is to call upon a team of restoration professionals who can come in and assess the extent of the damage. Once you know what’s going on, you can begin taking the necessary steps to restore your home and eliminate the damage in no time.

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