Triangle Legacy Water Damage Restoration Service in Alexandria, VA

Triangle Legacy is a reputed cleaning and restoration service specializing in water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and handyman services. Owing to years of experience, the best available technology and significant knowledge in the domain, the company provides services par excellence for water damage restoration in Alexandria.

Water Damage in Alexandria, Virginia – The Numerous Possible Causes
When the storms of the Gulf Coast hit Alexandria in Virginia, they bring along heavy downpours of rain that makes homes and buildings vulnerable to water damage. Besides heavy rains and resultant flooding, there are many more causes that can bring about significant water damage in your house, like a leaking pipe, a broken heater, or a faulty water line in refrigerators or washing machines.

Repair Now, or Be Ready to Replace Later
The thumb rule of any sort of water damage remains the same – to get it corrected on war footing. The sooner you act on it, the lesser will be the damage. If moisture is allowed to bloom and grow, it can potentially wreck furniture, floors and walls.

Immediate Steps to Follow in Case of an Aqua Intrusion in Your Home
With some smart steps, you can minimize the damage caused due to water attacks. Here is a list of things you may consider doing before the professional cleaning team arrives.

  • Turn the main water supply off in case you suspect a leaking pipe
  • Only if it is safe to do so, take all electrical devices off power
  • Remove all furnishing like drapes and rugs and store them in a safe location till we drive all unwanted moisture out of your premises
  • Similarly, do not allow any electrical or electronic equipment to stay in a place where they could come in contact with the water
  • You can substantially prevent damage to floors and furniture by putting in a layer of plastic or aluminium foil under pieces of furniture in areas of the house affected by the flooding
  • For your own safety, try keeping away from electrical outlets where water has collected

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At Triangle Legacy, we completely understand how essential it is to treat water damage fast. Therefore, we reach you, with our entire team of professionals and restoration tools, within a short response time of less than a couple of hours after you call. We are a service you can count on.