Allergies, Asthma and Carpets Inside your Home

If you suffer with allergies and asthma, no doubt during some point you have been told to avoid carpeting inside your house. That was poor advice, and actually the opposite is true. A number of studies have proven that carpets which are regularly cleaned may assist in reducing allergies and asthma symptoms, and is indeed the best option in floors for those dealing with both allergies and asthma.

How can this be?

Allergy and asthma flair ups often are the result of poor air quality, outdoors or in. Carpets may have a direct relation to indoor air quality. Carpeting improves air quality indoors in a couple of ways:

Traps Dirt

Gravity will cause common household particles, like pollen, dust, insect and pet dander to fall to your floor. Carpeting will trap particles, and remove them from your breathing zone and reduce their air circulation.

Filters Air

Your carpeting is in effect, a huge filter of air. If you own an electronic air filter inside your home, or filter on the heat pump, you will see the way it operates includes forcing air through a filter, one that’s oddly like the composition of carpet fibers. As air circulates naturally throughout your home the carpet will act as a huge filter of air.

Fine Print

There’s a caveat here. Maybe you picked up on the conflict of the benefits of how carpeting actually can be good for the ones who have allergies and asthma. If the carpet traps dirt, and acts as a filter for air, over time, those benefits lower in effectiveness, and actually can have an adverse effect on allergies and asthma.

Here’s the Solution

Your house’s carpets should be professionally cleaned every 6 months. Between professional cleanings vacuum carpets at least one time per week.