What do you do when your appliances become damaged by floods?

Appliance Damage by Floods

As it’ll come to appliances, you obviously have a desire to salvage them as fast and as fully as you can after a flood; however, it is vital that you do so safely. Below are a few guidelines on how to replace or repair appliances which are damaged by floodwaters inside your house.

Be certain All Electricity is Off

To begin with, you shouldn’t enter the house to check on your appliances or additional contents until you understand for sure that your electricity is turned off. Standing moisture and water in a house may pose electrical dangers after a flood; therefore, you always should keep away from wet spaces if there still could be live electricity to your building. Speak to your utility company or electrician to make sure that all power to the house is turned off prior to entering.

Call the Insurance Company

Keep in mind that flooding from hurricanes and additional natural disasters isn’t covered beneath regular homeowner’s policies – you have to have special flood insurance for that. It is better to consult your insurance provider before disaster strikes, and not after, in order for you to know the specifics of your insurance coverage, which includes coverage restrictions or limits.
Once you have confirmed that the loss is covered by insurance, it is time that you document the damage. Take video or pictures which may be shared with your insurance company.

Have all Appliances Serviced Professionally

Electrical appliances and water do not mix. Floodwaters contain sewage, bacteria, and additional substances that must be completely cleaned before an appliance may safely be used. Internal elements of your major appliances like motors, wiring, and compressors must be inspected and probably replaced.

An expert water damage restoration professional knows precisely how to evaluate and fix water damage caused by floods.

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