April Showers……

April Showers……

April showers bring May flowers, ‘they’ say…….

And ‘they’ may be right, but so are we!

We are right when we say that ‘April Showers’ bring more than just flowers…

april restoration cleanupAt the risk of sounding like ‘Debbie Downer’, we say April Showers can also bring:

  • Leaky roofs;
  • Flooded basements;
  • Moldy drywall;
  • Smelly carpets;
  • And a ‘broken’ bank account amongst other things, if you let it!
  • So, don’t let it!

How to prevent Water Damage: A superficial look at a few potential problems, common causes & preventative measures…

Leaky Roofs

Roof leaks tend to vary in size.

They can be as minuscule as a pin-hole or as grandiose as a ‘sink-hole’ (no, not really…. but you get the picture)!

The point here is……

No matter the size, a hole is a hole, and a hole must be remedied at first sight. If not, water WILL let itself in, uninvited and all!

What we are saying here in simple terms is:

  • If your roof is missing a shingle, have it replaced ASAP!
  • If your gutter is clogged with leaves/debris, have it cleared/cleaned, again ASAP!
  • And if your roof is old, well budget for a new one, well in advance!
    • After all, age is inevitable, and normal wear and tear happens to the best of us, wouldn’t you say?

Flooded Basements

Now this you do not want, we guarantee you! Yet basement flooding is an ever so common occurrence that has the uncanny potential to weaken the foundation of your home. Needless to say, repairing the latter could prove to be extremely exorbitant.

Trust us, it’s better to be pro-active and ascertain that your basement won’t be in danger of flooding in the event of a storm.

So, what can you do to prevent flooding in your basement?

  • Check your sump pump!
    • Is it faulty?
    • Do you even have one?
    • Make sure that you always have a functional sump pump in your basement!
  • Do you have any cracks in your existing foundation?
    • Will caulking fix it?
    • Or do you need to waterproof your entire basement?
    • Contact Triangle Legacy at (301) 523-9419 for a free consultation & estimate. Yes, free!

Moldy Drywall

Mold on drywall can be quite an eyesore!

When drywall is initially exposed to moisture it will begin to reveal evidence of water stains. With time and continued exposure to moisture, drywall will deteriorate to ‘nothingness’ before your very eyes. Ultimately, the core will lose its structural integrity thereby causing the drywall to sag ‘yada, yada, yada’!

Our point?

Wet drywall can be the ideal habitat and substrate for mold.

Without getting into the biology of mold growth, let’s just say that you usually have approximately 48 hours if wet drywall is not properly/professionally dried till the commencement of a mold party!

We don’t think we need to tell you about the detriments of mold and why bleach doesn’t really fix it! But, what we will tell you, is that at the first sight of a wet or moldy drywall in your home, call a mold mitigation professional for guidance.

Smelly Carpets

We could try to impress you, especially if you have pets (specifically canine or feline) and tell you all about how every time the dried uric acid crystals from your pets ‘pee’ (for lack of a better word) that are buried deep in the fibers of your carpet are exposed to moisture and humidity, you are guaranteed a fresh whiff of ‘public restroom fragrance’ throughout your home, ………or we could simply tell you to read more about ‘Breaking the Cycle: The Chemistry of Pet Urine Odor Removal’ here.

The Bottom Line

April showers are good. Even exciting!

However, let’s work together to keep the showers outdoors, and simply watch them from the interior portion of our window panes, shall we?

Happy Spring to you and yours, from Triangle Legacy!!!

Image Source: https://c1.staticflickr.com/6/5267/5631575931_e2c1c0cf88_b.jpg