Are Dirty Dryer Vents A Fire Hazard?

fire hazardA dryer does not look dangerous or scary. Unfortunately, it’s the cause of more than 20,000 house fires each year that totals millions of dollars in damage. Routine maintenance and cleaning will protect your loved ones and investment in your house.

Remove Lint inside the Dryer

Whether you utilize a gas or electric dryer, you’ll have lint. Lint builds up inside the lint trap yet also in the ductwork and dryer vent, decreasing dry efficiency and air flow. Lint may cause humidity levels to increase around vents, and cause mold and mildew to form in insulation and walls. But more importantly: Lint is combustible, and it causes fires.

Thankfully, removing harmful lint is easy. The first space to clean after each load is the dryer lint trap by extracting the lint from the screen then wiping the corners. If the screen tends to be clogged, it might be from the dryer sheets you’ve been using. Submerge your lint screen inside a sink of warm water then scrub using a bristle brush to extract all built-up fabric softener.

Take out the dryer lint filter. Inside the opening, utilize your brush to softly loosen all built-up lint. Do not force the brush if you meet any resistance yet be sure that you clean all surfaces as much as you can. Remove the huge chunks of lint which come out with the brush. Do not be concerned with the smaller bits.

Replace your cleaned lint filter. Turn your dryer setting to air only then run for one cycle. It’ll pull all remaining lint inside the filter or blow all loose particles out of the outside vent.

Our techs are trained to service clothing dryer vents, and they also will have the ability to check the connections to ensure that the dryer is correctly installed. Call Triangle Legacy right away at (301) 523-9419 or toll free at 1-800-830-3324 and check this house maintenance task off of your to-do list in order for you to no longer need to worry if the duct is hiding a fire hazard or compromising your loved one’s health.

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