Are You Hoarding Animals?

animal hoarding

Animal hoarders, an offshoot of conventional hoarding, house massive quantities of companion animals despite their incapability of providing even minimal degrees of care. They live in denial of their incapability of properly caring for their animals, and the impact that their living conditions have upon themselves and additional residents. Around 900 to 2,000 new hoarding cases are found every year in the United States, impacting up to 1/4 million animals, which includes dogs and cats, rodents, reptiles, farm animals, birds, and exotics.

How Animal Hoarding Differs from Traditional Hoarding

Several characteristics of animal hoarding are extremely similar to the ones that are exhibited by inanimate object hoarders. As a matter of fact, approximately 40% of inanimate object hoarders are also animal hoarders. Most animal hoarders share common backgrounds of unstable home environments, which includes neglect, childhood trauma, and abuse, all of which get shared by people who have other addictive disorders. They are compulsively on the watch for animals to rescue, and usually have great intentions, yet do not have the ability to recognize the severity of their circumstances and become isolated and overwhelmed.

Animal Hoarding: What Are the Signs to Look For?

  • Quantity: A massive quantity of animals, quite possibly without any knowledge of the real amount.
  • Smells: Strong odors of urine in addition to a presence of vomit, urine, or feces on flooring.
  • Squalor: Extreme clutter, a dirty environment, holes in the floor or in the wall, broken furniture, and much more.
  • Poor health: It applies to both the owners and animals, with animals being emaciated, dirty, poorly socialized, and lethargic. Typically, owners are isolated and also exhibit indications of self-neglect.
  • Pest infestation: Prevalence of vermin and/or fleas.
  • Disassociation: Animal owners do not have the ability to get the severity of the situation and insist they and their animals are healthy and happy despite obvious indications to the contrary.
  • Persistence: Hoarders do not have the ability to stop their tendencies for hoarding.

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