Are you in need of Basement Water Damage Remediation?

Basement Water DamageBasement water damage isn’t something which should be ignored. If not properly remediated, water damage in the basement may damage framing/drywall, cause extensive mold inside your house and even lead to the corrosion of the foundation of your home. Take the water inside your basement extremely seriously to make sure that your soggy basement isn’t the downfall of your home. If you’re on the lookout for professionals skilled in water damage remediation, call Triangle Legacy at 1-800-830-3324 for estimate or appointments, to ensure correct removal.

Most water problems in the basement is due to a single component, runoff. That means that as it snows or rains heavily, then melts, it then can all slide into the basement or even worse, the foundation. As water works its way into the foundation, it finds any porous space to seep into and causes almost irreparable damage. Below we list some ways that water is seeping into the basement.

  • Condensation – Condensation on basement walls may occur if hot air hits your cold wall. As this happens, the walls feel somewhat clammy and wet. Your space then can see wood damage, because of rot, or other problems like waterlogged upholstery and carpets. Air out the basement and consider contacting a professional if the damage has become advanced. Professionals in water damage remediation will help you to dry the space out, as well as upholstery and carpeting.
  • Runoff – Runoff happens when water isn’t routed away from your property. The most typical place for water and moisture to nestle is your basement. Snow melting and rain may lead runoff to suddenly happen and without warning. Take care and try and reroute the runoff water to a safe place away from your house. This might involve a dry well or additional form or might just require further basement sealing to make sure water doesn’t seep its way back inside your house.

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