Bathroom Renovation: From Minuscule to Grandiose!

No one enjoys a claustrophobic bathroom!

And they shouldn’t have to either, because there is good news!

There are multiple ways to give an unusually small bathroom the illusion of a much larger, more grandiose one! And fortunately for you, we at Triangle Legacy are in the ‘know how’, because Bathroom remodeling happens to be is a forte of ours!Bathroom Renovation_From Minuscule to Grandiose

TIP #1: Color, Color, Color!

  • Replacing drab greys and darker hues with lighter, brighter and happier colors is a definite yes!
  • White is a good place to start!

Tip #2: Floor Tiles

  • Replacing ‘earth-tone’ floor tiles with lighter marble or marble like tiles can also make a world of a difference!

Tip #3: Let there be Light!

  • A dimly lit bathroom will most certainly appear smaller and more compact. Therefore, introducing larger windows and brighter light will create the illusion of a much larger bathroom.
  • While larger windows will encourage the entrance of natural light, simply exchanging your ambient yellow light bulbs with LED bulbs will additionally enhance the aura of your remodeled bathroom.

Tip #4: Mirror, Mirror on the wall!

  • In addition to having a few mirrors professionally mounted on the walls, introducing multiple mirrored surfaces without a doubt contribute to that ‘larger-than-life’ illusion.

Tip #5: In-Wall Medicine Cabinet

  • Apart from reducing the risk of accidentally bumping your head on the corner of your medicine cabinet at four o’clock in the morning, ‘in-wall medicine cabinets’ actually create more space….. and not just the illusion of it!

And the list goes on……..

  • See-through shower doors, mounted cabinets versus pedestals, overall, balance and warmth etc.

We at Triangle Legacy, believe that individual personality is a key factor in creating that special ‘haven’ for you to unwind, after a long day’s work, so we provide free consultations and estimates.

We also believe that the possibilities are endless, when it comes to the creating your perfect bathroom……starting with what you already have!

And finally when it comes to creativity, others say the sky is the limit! But we, at Triangle Legacy say, we know NO limits!

For a free consultation and estimate please contact us Toll Free at 1-800-830-3324.

We currently service the D.C, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) Area.

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