Bathroom Trends for 2018

Most individuals spend the last and first minutes of the days in their bathroom. This means that ambiance is everything — because after all, there isn’t anything worse than an outdated, old space beginning your day off upon the wrong foot. If you are in the market to do some changes in decor, take note of these popular trends:

Colorful, Playful Tile

Although white subway tile always will be considered classic, vintage blue tiles will add an explosion of color inside an area in which it is delightful and unexpected. Just keep the remainder of the area neutral to allow the tile to take center stage.

Round Vanity Mirrors

If you are searching for a low-lift method of giving your bathroom a makeover, search no further than a round vanity mirror. Its round shape immediately creates a statement, particularly when it is coupled with a rectangular sink and vanity.

Showers Without Borders

If you ever have used a shower outdoors, you know it is a relaxing experience to bathe inside a room that doesn’t have a ceiling. Remember to cover all surfaces with tile and wipe puddles down afterwards.

Shower Plants

Not just will hanging plants add a pop of color to neutral bathrooms, if you purchase the proper kind, they will also purify the air. Plants have been proven to assist you in relaxing, as well.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Adding industrial or wooden touches to the bathroom gives it a one-of-a-kind touch which is big right now. Additionally, it will develop a timeless vibe to the bathroom which will remain trendy forever.

Bathroom renovation or remodeling is often a carefully planned out, long-term, home improvement project. It can however, also be an unexpected mandatory task after a water damage calamity, for instance. Whatever the case may be, Triangle Legacy can and will stand by you every step of the way.