When is the Best Time to Power Wash your Deck?

Power Washing Arlington VAMost homeowners imagine the outside deck as something which merely sits attached to their house and doesn’t need any maintenance. But, over a period of time your deck is subject to a broad array of weather conditions which might wind up warping, staining or even ruining your deck, like mold, pollen, ground-in dirt, acid rain, and sunlight, which may fade most kinds of wood.

The truth is that power washing a deck on a yearly basis may assist in cleaning away all of the elements which might detrimentally affect the deck and assist in keeping it appearing new and sturdy. But, like any additional home repair task, it’s vital that you correctly do this job for the best results. First off, obtain multiple quotes from experts who have experience pressure washing decks and homes to gain a good idea of the expense involved. Request references from the business and don’t try to do this task on your own, as pressure washing equipment utilizes a forceful water blast which might cause damage to your deck or other individuals if improperly used.

One other vital consideration is the proper time of year to have your deck power washed. Don’t opt to have your deck washed as there is a chance that the temperature might drop below freezing for a couple of days after power washing. Generally, it’s good to have your deck power washed as the temperatures stay above 52° both during the day and at night without rain or additional condensation for several days. It’ll allow your deck to dry as fast as possible.

Pressure washing on an annual basis helps keep the deck looking new and clean, so don’t neglect this critical home upkeep aspect.

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