Triangle Legacy: The Best Water Damage Restoration Agency in Potomac, Maryland

When water makes its way into your house, we, at Triangle Legacy, pick up our artillery and come over to fight it right out of your premises! Whatever the cause and source of water damage, we are experts at handling it and bringing everything back to normal. 

Floodwater is Extremely Dangerous for You

Floodwater, even if present in quantities so small that you could dry it out yourself, is extremely dangerous to your health and that of your family. It contains harmful pathogens that can make you ill. When you get professional help from us for cleaning out floodwater, we make sure we thoroughly sanitize the space, thereby making it safe for you. 

When Pipes Leak and Water Heaters Break…

Water damage may come about by numerous minor domestic problems like leaking pipes and broken equipment; it need not be the sole result of natural flooding. This makes nearly all homes susceptible to water damage even if they are in a flood-proof zone. Even though this type of water damage is less unhygienic than floodwater, it still has the potential of significantly harming your property, if not checked right in the beginning. 

Our Services under Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is a series of steps, some or all of which could be necessary depending on the source of damage and the extent of it. We start with a full inspection of the place followed by complete water removal. In case of floodwater induced damage, we perform disinfection and sanitization. Then comes the part where we properly dry out your space and dehumidify the air around. After this, a deodorization of the rooms ensures that no unpleasant smells remain in your house. In case we suspect mold formation due to water clogging, we even include mold removal in the restoration process. 

We Won’t Let Water Damage Ruin Your Precious Belongings

We have the expertise to deal with water damage of varying degrees. We can restore the affected areas of your house to just the state they previously were in. However, for us to be able to do so, you must act as quick as possible. Even a visibly minor water influx may cause irreparable damage to your carpets, floors, furniture, walls and electrical appliances. So seek professional help from Triangle Legacy as soon as you suspect any water damage, and we’ll fiercely take over the chores of restoration thereon.

When facing any issues with water damage in Potomac, Maryland, Triangle Legacy is the agency to rush to. We’ll not only work on restoring but also guide you on the best immediate steps you must take depending upon the type and extent of damage. So save our number now, and save yourself from any worries over water damage any time in future.