What are the Best Ways to Clean my Furniture?

best upholstery cleaning tips Washington DCFurniture is a massive financial investment and must be your priority as it’ll come to regular household maintenance. Below are some proven, tested, and tried ways to keep your furniture looking new.


Let us begin with one obvious point: Vacuuming. Your humble vacuum is the easiest and safest method of keeping the furniture clean.

Cleaning by the professionals

The majority of upholstered fabric furniture is appropriate for either professional steam or dry upholstery cleaning. Both techniques are effective and are done inside your home. The dry procedure is preferable to most homeowners because the furniture may be immediately used after cleaning. Experts cleaners have specialized products that also clean leather furniture. It’s advised to have a professional cleaning done every 6 – 12 months.

Care for Slipcovers

Slipcovers may be professionally laundered or dry cleaned depending upon the content of fabric. One other choice is to machine wash the slipcovers at home. Start by pre-treating stains and wash on a permanent press, low temperature setting using a mild detergent.


A spot remover is an economical option for fast removal of stains. There’s a broad variety of available applications and products to consumers. A disadvantage–you might need to try out different solutions to discover the proper one for your particular stain or furniture. A spot stain remover is the most effective method for a new stain.

Furniture Dusting

Metal furniture may be cleaned using a damp, clean cloth. Glass cleaners are suggested for glass tabletops and shelves.

Leather Maintenance

It’s advised that you spot clean leather furniture using specially-formulated leather upholstery cleansers between professional leather cleanings

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