Calling in the Pros Because of Water Damage

water damage washington dcDamage is one of those words that mean different things to different people. At least when “water damage” is used, people know the damage is caused by water. But when do you need to call in a pro to take care of things?

Here are our 4 top reasons:

1) When the water has spread over a whole room with carpet, call Triangle Legacy. A whole room with water everywhere is going to take a lot of effort to clean. Triangle has the equipment to get the water gone before serious damage occurs.

If it’s just a little water over a few feet on the carpet and just once, you can take care of this. Get up as much of the water as you can with towels. If you have a ShopVac, use it. Put fans blowing across the carpet.

2) When the water has been there a while, you need help. Floods, fortunately, are not common. Broken pipes are common. If the water has been standing or flowing through part of the house for more than a day, call Triangle Legacy. Water can seep into sheetrock, which sets the stage for a seriously dangerous mold.

3) When the water is not always present, but comes and goes over time, get help. A good example is the washing machine drain. A one-time soaking is generally not something to worry about. But if you find out the drain is broken and has been for months, you may have unseen damage. Triangle knows what to look for. We’ll explain what we’re doing and what we are looking for.

This kind of water is called “grey” water and it’s not harmful.

4) When it is “black water,” you really need help. Black water is highly contaminated. It can have fecal matter which is dangerous. You could become seriously ill or even die from this water. Black water can come from a toilet overflow, stagnant water, sewer backup and rising flood water from a storm. A toilet overflowing once and just a little is not an issue, but one that has been flowing for a while or pours many gallons in the bathroom means you need to get a professional involved.

During hurricane season especially, contaminated storm water is a major issue. Rivers can flood 100s of miles from the coast.

Learn more about the kinds of water that can damage your home here.

For your water damage repair needs, trust the  professionals in Washington, DC.  Call Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning today 301-523-9419.