Carpet Beetles and Carpet Moths

carpet beetles washington dcSometimes a carpet will begin developing a bald spot out of nowhere. As it happens to males, we’ll blame our mom’s side of the family, yet as it happens to carpet, it usually is a good sign of an infestation of insects.

Carpet Moths

They’re harmless to humans, yet a nightmare for rugs. Carpet moths feed on fabrics, pet stains, old skin, and dust. It’ll make your carpets an ideal space for them to lay eggs, as their offspring would have a robust food source after hatching.

The majority of the carpet damage is done by the moth larvae, and not the adult moth itself. For that reason, it may be challenging to see the issue until it already is out of hand.

That is not meant to give anybody nightmares, yet it ought to be an excellent reminder to regularly keep the carpets cleaned. Yearly professional carpet cleaning and weekly vacuuming is going to leave little sustenance behind for insects such as carpet moths.

Carpet Beetles

These have much the same story. Adults can’t be blamed for the carpet and clothing damage, yet they’ll see older dirty rugs and carpets as the perfect space for their offspring. While we utilize the general word “Carpet Beetle”, there actually are a few different beetle species which might fit the description.

If you see a larvae infestation in your carpet or rugs, call Triangle Legacy immediately. Even if you clean your carpet, and vacuum away any visible larvae, there still may be dormant eggs inside its fibers.

Again, all this is avoided by maintaining the flooring with routine cleanings. Make them a desolate and barren land for carpet beetles and moths, and you never will have an issue.

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