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Cleaning the carpet may improve the aesthetic of your household and prolong the life of your carpeting, yet maybe the most valuable advantage from the procedure is improving you and your loved one’s health. If household members experience conditions which may impact their breathing, like asthma or snoring, it is particularly critical that you vacuum the carpets at the minimum of 4 times a week, according to the American Lung Association. Beyond routinely vacuuming, you also may benefit from having the carpets cleaned professionally at the minimum of one time per year. If you aren’t completely persuaded by the advantages of pro carpet cleaning, think about these top 3 ways the process will lead to a healthier household:

Carpet cleaning may assist in preventing mold growth

Especially in spaces with high humidity levels, dingy carpets are at a higher risk of developing growth of mold while exposed to moisture. Within precipitous weather, moisture often becomes tracked inside the home and may sink deep inside the fibers if not immediately vacuumed and dried. Having the carpet cleaned routinely may prevent the growth of mildew and mold, because pro carpet cleaning companies like Triangle Legacy have high-powered drying tools which annihilate moisture. In eliminating moisture, it’s possible to prevent the growth of mold which may be dangerous to your health if left untreated for too long.

Cleaning carpets may clear dust mite infestations

The majority of households have infestations of dust mites, but the majority of homeowners are not aware of this dust mite infestation, because they’re microscopic. Dust mites alone are not allergens, yet they oftentimes they’ll leave behind body fragments and feces which are allergens. Due to the particles’ microscopic size, they easily can be breathed in as the space becomes disturbed, which may exacerbate allergies. The majority of pro cleaning businesses like Triangle Legacy use a method referred to as steam cleaning while conducting maintenance work on carpets, exposing the carpet to elevated temperatures which dust mites cannot survive.

Carpet cleaning removes trapped pollutants

Dingy carpeting may retain many inside air pollutant sources, which includes cockroach allergens, animal dander, particle pollution, lead, as well as everyday dust and dirt according to the EPA. Toxic airborne gases may stick to such particles and additionally become lodged inside the carpeting. Those gases may be released through regular activities like walking, as well as vacuuming across the carpeting, which may cause them to contaminate the air inside your household. Pro cleaning services destroy those bacteria through unique shampooing formulas and may extract deeply trapped pollutants using high powered vacuums.

Children’s health safety

It’s a fact that suspended sediment is dangerous to every human, yet kids are the worst victims of it. Usually, kids spend lengthy hours on the ground, and you shouldn’t expect their immune system to be as rich as yours. Be it your house, or a preschool or childcare, so far as the health of kids are concerned, you must call the carpet cleaning professionals of Triangle Legacy on a regular basis to keep the kids in a healthy state.

How to Keep the Carpeting Clean This Winter

Winter is around the corner! This means you, as well as your loved ones, will spend a lot more time indoors. More time indoors means more wear and tear on the rugs and carpet. Between the additional direct traffic, more meals taken inside your house, and pets spending more time indoors, your carpeting will require extra attention.

These recommendations will assist in protecting your rugs and carpets during the winter season.

Put Indoor Mats Down

With so much precipitation around, it assists in having a mat close to the front door to catch anything from the outdoors. If you have the opportunity to double down, put one mat outside of the front door and a mat inside. With two of them, it’s possible to knock off the snow fluff outdoors, as the inside one is able to catch the tiny drops. Think about leaving a chair close to the front door to sit as you comfortably take off your boots or shoes.

More Frequent Carpet Cleaning

With more frequent usage, you’ll have to clean more frequently. Set apart an additional vacuuming time in the week. Even if you only see clean trouble spaces on the extra pass, every bit will assist in extending the life of your carpet.

If you see your carpet or rug looks rough, call the experts in to offer deep cleaning services.

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