Carpet Cleaning for Move In / Move Out

Correct carpet careCorrect carpet care is a vital element to ensuring a healthy household. Worn traffic areas and stains may disappoint both new homeowners and potential buyers. Follow these easy steps for ensuring clean carpeting:

  • Vacuum carpeting 3 times per week.
  • Have the carpets cleaned professionally every year with a hot water removal technique to ensure warranty compliance. For extra dirty areas and high traffic spaces, a more consistent routine might be needed.
  • Rapidly remove spots before they grow into stains. When you can, use an extraction or suction tool in addition to blotting. You can groom over all cleaned spaces using a towel to lift the carpeting pile for a more uniform appearance. For tough stains and spots, contact a Triangle Legacy specialist.


Moving In

As you are moving into a new house it is vital that you give the carpet a thorough, healthy clean before you unpack. Professional carpet cleaners clean deep under the surface to give you a fresh start inside your new house. The following easy tips will help you select the proper cleaning service for you:

Arrange your carpet cleaners before moving in, permitting sufficient time for the carpets to fully dry. Triangle Legacy’s hot carbonating removal cleaning meets the majority of carpet manufacturers’ requirements for warranties while also giving a deep clean. And while most steam cleaning techniques take 1 to 2 days to dry, carpeting cleaned by Triangle Legacy dry in just 1 to 2 hours, so it’s possible to move into your house faster.

Be certain to pick a professional carpet cleaning service with expertise in working with various carpets as it’ll come to stain removal. It’s possible to trust your local Triangle Legacy tech to minimize or remove stains to enhance the appearance of your carpeting.


Selling Your House

Whether you are selling or buying a house, your carpeting is an important part of the process. Having the carpets cleaned professionally is a cost effective, easy method of giving your home a facelift before you show potential buyers. A freshly cleaned area rug may work as a great staging tool when correctly placed into a room. Make certain that you remove all stain areas using a professional Triangle Legacy stain extraction treatment to provide your home its best appearance.