Carpet Cleaning Howard County MD

Even high-quality items may show soiling over a period of time. Protect your investment by contacting your area Triangle Legacy professionals to maintain and clean your upholstery and carpet.

Today’s upholstery and carpet materials dramatically vary. Triangle Legacy provides numerous cleaning choices to match any kind of carpet or upholstery.

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Triangle Legacy also offers an array of specialized cleaning techniques:

  • Dry Cleaning: When color fastness is a problem.
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning: Most complete cleaning technique in the industry.
  • Deluxe Pre-condition & Rinse: Assists in restoring deeply soiled spaces.
  • Hot Water Extraction: Deeper cleaning techniques for all types of carpet.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: Less aggressive technique for short piled carpeting.

Preventative Maintenance

Carpeting acts as a filter, trapping dirt, dust, animal hair, gases, and additional soils. All carpet makers agree on actions it’s possible to take between carpet cleanings to raise your carpet’s life span. According to the IICRC, 79 percent of soil in carpeting is dry soil. Vacuuming is a main element to proper maintenance and care of carpet.

Preventative maintenance actions involve:

  • Using walk-off mats to restrict the quantity of soil tracked onto the carpeting
  • Moving furniture to change out traffic patterns
  • Pilating carpet to prevent matting
  • Spot extraction
  • Routine vacuuming

Professional Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning may address heavy and moderate soil conditions in your carpeting. How frequently you will require professional cleaning depends upon soil build-up, color of carpeting, type of carpeting, and traffic. A good rule would be to professionally clean the carpet every year. The best advice includes cleaning carpets before they become completely saturated with soil. If you wait ‘til carpeting looks really dirty, it might never be restored to their previous look. Dirt builds up in layers, and as a carpeting appears dirty, you’re just seeing the dirt at the tips of the carpet fibers. More dirt is hiding under the surface close to the base of the pile, which causes damage to the carpet. As carpeting is saturated with dirt, the soil actually has penetrated crevices and has become lodged firmly.

Triangle Legacy will get the task done correctly. For a cleaning backed by cutting edge equipment, over 10 years of experience, as well as technicians trained to the highest standard level, contact us today.

Our Cleaning Services

At Triangle Legacy, we offer the best carpet cleaning results without harsh chemicals which could endanger your loved ones. We’re able to restore carpeting without risking the health of anyone inside your household. Using our green products, we ensure that everything is clean, as well as to your satisfaction before leaving.

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Triangle Legacy uses green products blended with deep steam cleaning removal system for leaving the carpet immaculate. We utilize the top equipment to get the best results. It ensures long lasting results and all-natural products which are safe for you and your loved ones.

Pet Cleaning

Our advanced process of cleaning may extract pet odors. Even the most serious urine-soaked spaces may be saved. There isn’t any reason to have the carpet re-installed, we’re able to save the space. We know that being an animal owner isn’t easy, so fear not – Triangle Legacy is here to the rescue! Your pets’ safety is our top priority, and that is why we use safe cleaning products on the carpet.

Allergen Deep Cleaning

For the ones who suffer with allergies or experience the impact of pet dander, Triangle Legacy is here to help. Routine carpet cleaning dramatically can improve the condition of your carpets. Normal vacuums do not always catch the allergens and pet dander lurking in your house. Triangle Legacy may professionally clean the carpets, so your allergy and asthma symptoms dissipate and leave your household clean.

We’re rated #1 by our clients for carpet cleaning in Howard County, MD.   The other carpet cleaners in Howard County, MD can’t compare to our residential and commercial carpet cleaning in price or quality.  And for years we’ve been Howard County, MD carpet cleaning pros and we’re considered the area’s top carpet cleaner value.

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