Get your Carpets Professionally Cleaned to Keep Allergies at Bay

Have thought why you or your kids keep wheezing, sneezing or itching each time you approach your carpet? The answer lies in allergens that are lurking deep in the carpet fibers. Even if you vacuum clean your carpet everyday, without professional cleaning, you will not be able to get rid of the allergens that are harboring in your carpet. The best way to keep allergies at bay is to call upon a professional carpet cleaning company and get your carpet cleaned at least twice a year.

Why You Need Professionally Cleaned Carpets?

You may think your home is spotless and there are no germs lurking around. That may be true for germs, but have you given allergens a thought? Usually, allergens love your soft flooring aka carpet. They come and rest on the carpet and each time you walk over the carpet surface, they get dispersed into the air, resulting in allergies.

While regular and frequent vacuum cleaning will get rid of the allergens on the surface of the carpet, but not those that are embedded in the carpet fibers. Your carpet is home to several types of allergens.

Dust Mites: Dust mites live in the dust found in homes. They flourish in warm, humid conditions and are found in large numbers in carpets. While you cannot get rid of these mites, you can reduce their presence by getting your carpet professionally cleaned. Remember, it is not the mites, but their droppings that cause allergies.

Pollen: Come late spring and summer, pollen will find its way into your home regardless of what measures you take. Pollen is one of the main causes of allergic rhinitis and asthma. You can keep allergies at bay by regularly getting your carpet cleaned by a professional. The powerful cleaning methods remove all traces of pollen adhering to the fibers.


Pet Dander: Having pets is a joy, but cats and dogs tend to shed skin, also known as dander, that causes allergic reactions in some people. You can minimize your allergies by removing these skin flakes from the carpet and who better to do it than a pro.

Other Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Carpets

Besides getting rid of allergens from your carpet, professional cleaning also can remove stains, extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking and smelling fresh and clean. So, there are numerous benefits to having your carpet thoroughly cleaned by a professional.

If you haven’t had your carpet clean, it could be the cause of your allergies. Pick up the phone and call your local carpet cleaning company. Make sure they have the expertise and knowledge to get rid of allergens during the cleaning process. After the cleaning process, you will definitely notice an improvement in your allergies.