Carpet Cleaning Montgomery County MD

For over 10 years, Triangle Legacy has been the expert carpet cleaning professional people have trusted to produce the leading carpet cleaning service in Montgomery County, MD.

Triangle Legacy’s carpet cleaning is certified allergy and asthma friendly because we extract an average of 94 percent of typical household allergens. Even our carpet cleaning product is an EPA Safer Choice solution, meaning it’s safe for you, the environment, and your pets. A carpet cleaning from Triangle Legacy, in other words, is going to leave your house healthier and cleaner.

Our services use a proprietary hot water removal cleaning technique. It’s oftentimes called “steam carpet cleaning,” even though we don’t actually utilize steam to clean. The cleaning technique enables us to safely extract spots, dirt, and odors, without having to leave behind any residue. Therefore, the next time you require a professional carpet cleaning, get in touch with Triangle Legacy, the carpet cleaner close to you.

Our Carpet Cleaner Equipment

As we clean your carpeting, we’ll use our proprietary hot water removal procedure that achieves the top results possible.

Remove Allergens, Dirt, And More from Your Carpet

We remove allergens, stains, and dirt from your carpet utilizing an EPA Safer Choice cleaning option that does not leave behind any residue.

Quick drying time

Powerful cleaning equipment removes pretty much all water that is used in our process of cleaning. It’ll leave your fibers with minimal moisture, offering you clean, fresh carpet which quickly dries in a couple of hours.

How Does Triangle Legacy Clean Carpet?

  1. Our technicians will begin by evaluating the rooms you need to be cleaned and discuss the process of carpet cleaning with you.
  2. Next, we’ll move as much furniture as possible out of the way.
  3. We begin carpet cleaning by spot treating all spaces that require extra care.
  4. Then, we’ll use our patented cleaning machines that deep clean. The machines pump hot water inside the carpet to release any dirt that is deep inside the fibers and remove the water and extract the dirt.
  5. Our carpet cleaning machine’s powerful suction extracts a substantial amount of water in order for your carpet to dry within hours.
  6. Lastly, we’ll finish the inspection with you to ensure that you’re satisfied with your carpet.

Cleaning Carpet

If you must rapidly clean a spot or spill from the carpet it is possible to find homemade carpet cleaning agents.

But the top carpet cleaning option includes calling the carpet cleaning professionals at (301) 523-9419. With over 10 years of expertise in carpet care, Triangle Legacy is well positioned to offer you the leading carpet cleaning service in Montgomery County, MD.

How Long Does It Take For your Carpet to Dry After the Carpet Cleaning?

Dry time is impacted by air flow to the area, temperature, and humidity. It may take from eight to twenty-four hours for your carpet to fully dry, depending upon the above-mentioned variables. The use of fans inside any rooms cleaned, as well as turning the AC or heating system on, depending upon the time of year, will assist in accelerating drying time. Make certain that you leave the protective blocks underneath furniture legs and all paper utilized with upholstered items in place until your furniture and/or carpet is thoroughly dry to avoid color transfer. You might immediately walk on your carpet after you clean it, but avoid using street shoes, as they’ll re-soil the carpet. We recommend wearing rubber soled shoes. Be careful while walking from carpeted, damp spaces on to non-carpeted spaces to keep from slipping.

Will You Move Furniture as You Clean Carpet?

Absolutely. There isn’t any charge to move furniture and we’re professionally trained to move the furniture. After the cleaning is completed, we will return it to its rightful place on protective padding as necessary. We advise that you remove objects off your furniture such as knock-knacks, lamps, plants, and electronics. We’ll move the majority of furniture that may be moved safely. There are many items we won’t move, which includes: pool tables, dressers with mirrors, beds, china cabinets, electronics, pianos, etc.

How Long Does It Take to Clean the Carpets?

On average, it’ll take around 20 minutes a room. The time may greatly vary depending upon the amount of furniture that needs to be moved, how soiled your carpeting is, and all necessary spot extraction treatments.

What Technique Do We Use for Cleaning?

The technique Triangle Legacy uses for carpet cleaning is hot water removal, commonly called steam cleaning. Our exclusive hot water removal techniques extract the deepest, toughest dirt gently and safely. Soft, hot water and a uniquely designed cleaning product get injected deep inside the carpet fibers. Next, a powerful suction removes deep-down allergens, dirt, cleaning solution, as well as 95 percent of the moisture. It is the cleaning technique most suggested by carpet manufacturers.

Do You Steam Clean My Carpet?

We oftentimes get inquiries concerning steam cleaning carpet. At Triangle Legacy we don’t steam clean carpet. Our company uses a process referred to as hot water removal to clean carpet, which often is called steam cleaning due to the steam seen as we clean.

We’re rated #1 by our clients for carpet cleaning in Montgomery County, MD.   The other carpet cleaners in Montgomery County, MD can’t compare to our residential and commercial carpet cleaning in price or quality.  And for years we’ve been Montgomery County, MD carpet cleaning pros and we’re considered the area’s top carpet cleaner value.

For more information about our carpet cleaning in Montgomery County, MD services, please feel free to get in touch with Triangle Legacy right away at (301) 523-9419.