Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked

Carpet Cleaning Myths Bethesda MAIn the current internet age, there are numerous carpet cleaning myths. The information is everywhere, and it has become almost impossible to differentiate what is true from what is false. But with regards to your carpet, you cannot afford to be misled. Using the wrong cleaning detergents and tools could potentially destroy your carpet and end up ruining the harmony in your interior décor.

To help you out, we have outlined some debunked myths for you. This way, you employ the best practices of taking care and cleaning your carpet.

Myth 1: Carpet Cleaning Replaces Regular Vacuuming

Well, the truth is, carpet cleaning, especially deep carpet cleaning gets rid of dirt and debris that vacuuming cannot. However, the carpet should be cleaned and vacuumed regularly to get rid of the crumbs, dust, dirt and pet hairs. Vacuuming will help keep your carpet clean in between the professional deep cleaning sessions.

Myth 2: Carpet Cleaning Destroys The Original Carpet Look. As Such, Only Clean It When Absolutely Necessary

Technology has gifted us with lots of cleaning chemicals that are not only effective in getting rid of dirt and debris but are also safe for use on carpets. They are designed to be firm but at the same time, gentle on the carpet fibers.

In fact, if you are looking to have your carpet maintain its new purchase look, clean it regularly. Cleaners are effective in carpet cleaning even in high traffic areas. However, before you choose a specific carpet cleaning solution, it is important to test it out on a less visible part of the carpet just to be sure it will not hurt your carpet.

Myth 3: Carpets Should Rarely Be Cleaned Using High Powered Cleaners

Cleaning carpets on a regular basis is a must. It is a lie that powerful cleaners cause carpets to wear out. If you hire a professional carpet cleaner, he will see to it that your carpet gets clean and its quality gets preserved.

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