Carpet Cleaning Prince Georges County MD

As it’ll come to professionally cleaning your office or home carpeting, you’ll want to use a company that has competitive prices, state-of-the-art equipment, and skilled technicians. High-quality cleaning is serious work; therefore, we strive to produce the best results, products, and service, so that you’ll become a lifetime client. Professionally trained techs who have first-rate knowledge and superior carpet cleaning skills are the minimum standard Triangle Legacy uses so we can generate the best results. Also, they’re equipped with industry standard cleaning tools like green products and with truck mounted cleaning equipment to get rid of all posing threats to your health. We’re able to assure you that all of our carpet cleaning experts are able to take care of you and your commercial or home carpet.

Soiled carpeting may be harmful to the people who live or work with them. As with all other things that are left unclean, over a period of time bacteria and mold can start growing and spreading. We know that your co-worker and family’s health is a critical concern; therefore, our techs work hard to not just make your carpeting appear new again, yet to sanitize them using green solutions in order for the mold and bacteria to be eliminated in a safe manner.

The floors in your office or home may be a costly investment and a big part of your property’s worth so it’s important to keep up with routine cleaning. This won’t just secure your home’s value, yet it also will keep your floors in their best condition over a period of time. It might seem like a minor endeavor at first, to clean the carpeting by using your own home steam cleaner, but it isn’t as easy as it might appear. Cleaning carpets that way may cost you more energy, money, and time in the long term. Usually home cleaners don’t remove or disinfect stains as well as top grade units do so they’re less effective. If the unit doesn’t correctly remove sufficient water, mold will develop which may be detrimental to your health and expensive to extract. Many of these types of machines regularly break down and need to be repaired or replaced which also adds more out-of-pocket costs. In requesting us as your expert carpet cleaners it’s possible to protect your wallet, carpets, and your home.

One great benefit to picking us to expertly clean your carpeting is that we use a green, safe, environmentally friendly solution that breaks down the germs and dirt in your carpeting. The product is very safe for kids and pets, so they may freely play and walk without any concern. Keeping work forces and families safe from dangerous chemicals is something we take pride in. Most harsh chemical treatments might seem to clean carpets, yet the dangerous residue they leave behind isn’t worth risking your health. Frequently chemicals, due to their strong smell, may mask the actual cleanliness of the carpeting. As we clean your carpeting, you’ll notice actual results without using chemicals, they’ll smell clean because they’re clean, yet the fresh smell won’t be overbearing. We’ll breathe new life into your carpeting and make it safe for your entire workplace or family. Other businesses charge a lot more to clean your carpeting using green solutions, yet we offer this service at no extra charge because that’s how essential it is to us that you and your co-workers or loved ones avoid hazardous chemicals.

Triangle Legacy’s Carpet Cleaning Process

As we arrive to your house, we’ll set up and get ready to clean your house using our truck mounted cleaning equipment. We’ll take extra care to protect your house, like using corner guards that protect the corners of the walls. We know that having techs in your house may be an inconvenience; therefore, we strive to make your appointment as stress-free as we can by treating your house as if it were our own, as well as by always offering friendly, respectful service.

We’re rated #1 by our clients for carpet cleaning in Prince Georges County, MD.   The other carpet cleaners in Prince Georges County, MD can’t compare to our residential and commercial carpet cleaning in price or quality.  And for years we’ve been Prince Georges County, MD carpet cleaning pros and we’re considered the area’s top carpet cleaner value.

Moving Furniture/ Pre-Vacuuming

It’s possible to get quicker and maximum results, if your carpeting is already correctly vacuumed and all furniture you own is shuffled from the cleaning space.  Even though it isn’t required, it’s preferred and appreciated. We really want you to receive the best out our service easily and quickly.

Pre-Spray / Spot Treatment

We begin our process of carpet cleaning by using a pre-spray/ spot treatment on the high traffic areas and toughest spots. Usually the carpeting in those spaces easily are recognizable as they usually look darker in color than the surrounding spaces. We want the cleanest and best results and pre-spraying and spot treatments help in giving the top degree of freshness for your carpeting.

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

Triangle Legacy uses the most professional truck mounted cleaning technology to clean the carpets. Not many carpet cleaners use the truck mounted system, which is superior to other techniques.


After we clean, your carpeting is left to dry and ought to dry rapidly as little water is used during the process. As your carpeting is cleaned by us, you’ll have the ability to tell a big difference between your carpet’s freshness, smell, and appearance from after and before our truck mounted cleaning does its job! Due to steam cleaning using substantially less water than additional carpet cleaning approaches, the drying time is decreased. It’s a serious advantage because not just will you be able to quickly return to your regular activities, the risk of bacteria and mold growing isn’t a concern because there isn’t any time for them to develop.

For more information about our carpet cleaning in Prince Georges County, MD   services, please feel free to get in touch with Triangle Legacy right away at (301) 523-9419.