Carpet Cleaning Prince William County VA

Triangle Legacy strives to give our clients the best we have to offer. Our cleaning service has been demonstrated first-hand to well exceed any of our competition.

By using five primary guidelines, we have perfected our work quality performed.

Step One: State-of-the-art equipment

We’ve invested in top-of-the-line equipment that provides high-quality work in your house and committed time that perfects the performance of the equipment. All of our trucks carry micron filters, a reverse osmosis, as well as advanced water softening system. Due to our equipment we have the ability to give you, our client, pure steam.

Step Two: Pre-treatment

Our unique cleaning product sets us apart from additional cleaning businesses by far. Our pre-treatment is biodegradable, 100% safe for the family, which includes pets. Unlike additional carpet cleaning companies, we do not leave any residue behind, what we will leave, is clean sanitized carpet behind, GUARANTEED!

Step Three: Knowledge

All our techs are highly knowledgeable, certified and have the ability to answer all questions you might have. Before one of our techs is certified they have to go through a minimum of six-month training with Triangle Legacy, without or with experience. Our techs experience ranges from 5 – 15 years, all offering the same high-quality work.

Step Four: No Sales Hassling

Our techs aren’t salespeople. No job is too small of or too big, as we treat every client the same irrespective of the final bill. What we do strive to accomplish is a long-term client, we pride ourselves on trust and honesty. Our duty includes listening and providing a solution. Most companies provide you their minimum price, yet as they arrive, you’re looking at $300 to $400, for basic cleaning. Our pricing options are fairly simple, we provide a special, and extra regions have a set rate. It’s possible to either take away or add “regions” to accommodate your budget.

Step Five: Customer Satisfaction

All work is 100 percent guaranteed for thirty days. We’ve been in business more than 10 years and have yet to get a complaint. You are the BOSS, if for a reason you feel as if you are not receiving friendly customer service or quality workmanship, we’ll respectively leave. Our techs are confident that given a chance, we’ll make you our next lifetime client.

Commercial Cleaning

The majority of hotels, pool halls, sports bars, and restaurants that have commercial carpet ought to have it cleaned every quarter, or at the minimum of two times per year.

Recreational businesses have a ton of foot traffic on a daily basis. Drinks, food, and many other unwanted mishaps will find their way to the floor because accidents happen on a regular basis. Call us at (703) 673-1175 for the best cleaning you would ever imagine.

Then majority of the times we like to think that we’re able to keep our carpeting clean by ourselves, we think that we just have to vacuum every other week or that you ought to wait as long as you can before cleaning it. It’s suggested though that to keep a slightly dust-free environment you have to take it to the steamers every 6 months.

Over at Triangle Legacy we have teams of experienced, highly trained, highly skilled professionals. Of course, vacuuming is the easiest way around getting the carpet cleaned, yet we provide a service that’s appropriate for your carpet and virtually for all carpets. Carpeting has a way of spotlighting the beauty of your business or house. It also is considered an element that has been oftentimes neglected by homeowners.

In neglecting our carpeting, we are creating a circumstance where pollen, germs, as well as other foreign bodies might burrow into the carpet and may lead to severe sickness. Stain removal and odor removal also is part of our services.

We also can remove oil, coffee stains, grease, juice stains, wine stains as well as urine.

Professionally Cleaned Carpet Benefits

Extract allergens

Deep steam cleaning breaks down allergens such as mold, pollen, as well as pet dander and also extracts mold spores which have built up inside the carpet.

Love your house again

You ought to feel great when you arrive home. Carpet cleaning extracts the odors, allergens, as well as stains in the carpets, which restores your love for your house.

Destroy bacteria in your carpet

Bacteria builds up within the carpet over a period of time. We destroy the bacteria with heat then remove it from the carpet, which leaves a healthy living area.

Prolong the life of the carpet

Carpet manufacturers suggest prolonging the life of a carpet by getting the carpets cleaned every 3 to 18 months to extract built up dirt, as well as oils.

How is Triangle Legacy Better?

Our carpet cleaning company realizes that you have your pick as it’ll coms to carpet cleaning services in Prince William County, VA. That is why we take a lot of care in making sure that we’re your best choice.


Our friendly techs think that they’re here to serve you. They’ll approach each carpet cleaning project with the objective of doing it correctly, as well as impressing you with their experience.


Triangle Legacy uses our advanced cleaning equipment on every project (without an extra charge). Using the most recent steam cleaning technology enables us to leave your carpet even cleaner than ever before.


We don’t cut corners or skip steps. Our demonstrated carpet cleaning procedure produces incredible results and satisfied customers. It is what you deserve and what we’re all about.

We’re rated #1 by our clients for carpet cleaning in Prince William County, VA.   The other carpet cleaners in Prince William County, VA can’t compare to our residential and commercial carpet cleaning in price or quality.  And for years we’ve been Prince William County, VA carpet cleaning pros and we’re considered the area’s top carpet cleaner value.

For more information about our carpet cleaning in Prince William County, VA services, please feel free to get in touch with Triangle Legacy right away at (703) 673-1175.