Carpet Stain Cleaning Tips

Carpet Stain Cleaning TipsIt is important to act fast as a spill makes a stain on your carpet. Below are some ideas for getting your carpeting back to appearing its best.

Food and Organic Based Stains

For the majority of everyday food stains – items such as wine, berries, coffee, or chocolate – hydrogen peroxide often will do the trick. After blotting the excess moisture up dab on a bit of hydrogen peroxide, a 3 percent solution ought to be available at the drugstore. Wait for one hour then apply it once again if needed.

Pet Accidents

Pet urine is alkaline; therefore, an acid is necessary to neutralize this stain in the carpet. White vinegar is great for this. After you soak up everything possible with a rag, dilute a cup of vinegar with precisely the same quantity of water then apply it to the stain. Dry the stain using a towel then repeat it until the stain in the carpet is completely gone.

Oil or Wax Spots

Wax that is from an unchecked dripping candle may seem as if it is a lost cause. An ingenious solution includes setting a piece of brown paper towel over the stain then iron over it on a hot setting. It ought to melt the wax enough to transfer it to the paper towel. Keep on repeating the process using new sheets until wax is gone.

For oil residue which is left behind – or for additional oil stains such as the ones caused by makeups, lotions, or tar – blot the mark using rubbing alcohol.

We hope the above tips will help you to continue to keep your house as spotless as you please. If you have an especially stubborn stain, of course, you never should hesitate to contact a carpet care professional. You’d be shocked with what we’re able to do for your carpeting.