Own a Cat? How to Prevent Common Carpet Damage

Carpet Damage Washington DCIf you own cats, you may be concerned about carpet damage they may cause. Cats may claw at and have accidents on carpets, both of which include behaviors which you should immediately try to stop. Below are 4 ways to protect your carpeting from cats.

Have Enough Litter Boxes for the Cats

If you own more than one, you may be better off with several litter boxes. If you own a cat which constantly is using the bathroom on one carpet spot, the area may be an excellent space for another box. It’ll save the carpets and assist your cats if they’re being territorial or are marking.

Scratching Posts

If the cats are using the carpets to sharpen their nails, you’ll know what type of material they like scratching. Do not become discouraged if the cats will not scratch cardboard scratchers. It may be time to buy a carpeted cat tower that has a big enough space that you may redirect the cat’s scratching. It’s natural cat behavior; therefore, be certain to offer a suitable outlet for this.

Engage the Cats

Cats sometimes may misbehave or act out because they have energy pent up or are angry with you. Make some time to pay close attention to the cats and play with them. Regularly clean their boxes. If you are able to keep the cats content, they’ll be less than likely to act out by going outside their box or scratching at carpets.

Use Deterrents

Keep a water sprayer or squirt gun around for each time the cat engages in bad behavior. Also, you may put plastic down in the spaces the cat usually damages.

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