5 Common Signs That Indicate Towards Mold Exposure

Molds grow both indoors and outdoors. And when indoors, they may invite specific issues. In this blog, you will read how to identify them on time and eliminate potential risks.  Mold growth is a common problem among homeowners in Maryland. While you may think of it as just a cosmetic disorder dominating the dark, damp…

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Signs You Or Someone You Know Has Compulsive Hoarding Disorder

There are a lot of people who suffer from some sort of a disorder. However, many people with disorders spend many years of their lives without even realizing that they have a disorder. People around you might notice that there is something wrong with your behavior but until they let you know about their observation,…

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5 Carpet Trends We’re Seeing Right Now

natural fiber carpet

Carpet is an excellent option for basements, dens, or bedrooms, in which hardwood may feel too sterile and cold, or any room in which there’s a risk of water damage. Wall-to-wall carpeting may add texture and offer warmth to your space. If you wish to avail our trusted carpet cleaning services, contact Triangle Legacy right…

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When You Need Residential Water Damage Restoration Services

water damage repair service

One common source of water damage in residence’s is a water heater. If you fell victim to water damage, call your local water damage restoration pros – Triangle Legacy. The most common water heater leak causes include: If you need a reputable company that offers commercial and residential water damage restoration services, get in touch…

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Do Not Pour Oil or Grease Down the Drain

At some point in your life, you have likely been warned that pouring grease down a drain isn’t a good idea. Though, everyone experiences their lazy days, and you have likely ignored that warning in favor of a fast cleanup. Pouring small bits of grease down your drain once, while not really a good thing,…

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Mold Removal

uncontrolled mold manifestation

The sight of that nasty looking mold gives us all the creeps. As it stares back at you from its comfortable perch on your living room wall, you can’t help avoid the feeling of dread that washes over you. Is it here to stay? We can assure you it isn’t. Certainly not, if we have anything to do about it.

Call Triangle Legacy’s mold removal remediation to the rescue in, Washington DC. We step in where you won’t. Once you identify the problem and give us a call, we make a thorough assessment of the situation. Mold assessment involves identification of the location and assessment of the extent of the mold hazard in any given dwelling, whereas mold remediation involves the cleanup and removal of mold from any indoor setting.

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Mold Removal vs Mold Remediation

mold remediation professional

Spores of mold are pervasive fungi. The environment teems with more than 100,000 mold variations. Although, once airborne mold spores move their way inside a building, the results can be disastrous. Immediate remediation of mold is required to keep it from damaging the property and leading to health concerns. Are you searching for a company…

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What is the Future of Carpeting?

carpet vacuum cleaner

The majority of carpet technology that developed over the last two decades has been associated with using synthetic materials to accomplish three things – low cost, mark and stain resistance, and color fastness. As we have described in prior posts, carpets have vastly improved in all these categories. The following step might be something very…

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messy living room

Hoarding: it’s a combination of behaviors and compulsions whereby someone stores, collects, or gathers specific items.  In evolution, it serves an adaptive purpose as animal species hoard scarce food sources, yet the maladaptive variant refers to the behavior that takes control of someone’s life.  Hoarding may cause sanitation concerns, stress on relationships, and financial strain.…

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When Should You Hire a Water Damage Clean Up Crew?

flood damage restoration specialist

If your home is prone to frequent flooding, you may have a hard time deciding when to call in the experts. No one wants to have to call in a professional cleaning crew every time it rains. If you aren’t sure if you should be talking to a professional, use this quick guide to determine…

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