Musty Odors: Could That be a Sign of Water Damage?

Anytime you notice a musty smell in your home, that often means that there is water damage somewhere that needs to be identified and eradicated as quickly as possible. At one point in time or another, just about everyone has dealt with that horrible musty smell in their space. If you notice even the slightest […]

What is the most durable carpet when you have pets?

When it comes to choosing a new carpet, one of the biggest deciding factors should be whether or not you have pets. Not only do you want to pick a carpet that is comfortable and vibrant, you are going to want something that won’t trap as much fur, is easy to clean, and has the […]

What kind of carpet is the best for bedrooms?

What kind of carpet is the best for bedrooms? Choosing the perfect carpet for your bedroom is never easy. You want the perfect mix of practicality, comfort, durability, and overall design. If you are having trouble finding that perfect mix, use this guide to learn more about types of carpet for your bedrooms. Calculating a […]

Will my homeowners cover all water damage expenses?

Will my homeowners cover all water damage expenses? Homeowners insurance is designed to help protect your investment from unexpected expenses and repairs that might arise from something you had no control over. However, that doesn’t mean it is going to cover every little thing that might go wrong. There are always exceptions to the rule […]

What can I do when my water heater busts before the professionals arrive?

Your water heater is a main component of your home. It provides you with warm water for your shower, washing machine, dishwasher and much more. If that component fails, it can cause a whole host of problems for your home. By taking the following steps, you can protect your home from additional damage.

What are the steps involved for water damage cleanup?

What are the steps involved for water damage cleanup? Discovering water damage in your home can be frustrating to say the least. However, you can help minimize the amount of damage sustained by taking the appropriate steps to get to the bottom of the problem and restore your home to its original state. By following […]

What type of flooring is best for a bathroom?

When choosing new flooring for your bathroom, you want to find something that is capable of lasting for years to come while withstanding potential water damage. The last thing you want is for your floor to end up peeling or falling apart just from everyday usage or water dripping on it after someone takes a […]

When do I not need to call a professional for a water spill?

Finding water pooling in your home can be disheartening to say the least, especially if you have never had to deal with something like this in the past. While many rush to call in a professional, there are some times when you don’t need to do so. The first thing you should do is assess […]

How come flood insurance is so expensive?

Flood insurance can protect your home from unexpected losses due to something you aren’t always able to control. However, many find themselves trying to understand why the policy costs what it does. There are a few different things that determine the total premium involved with a flood insurance policy. Location Matters The location of the […]

5 Steps to Take After You’ve had Water Damage to Your Home

It’s impossible to know when water damage will affect your home. Even if you have made your basement flood-proof, you still could be affected by a burst pipe. It only takes a small leak to make a big impact on your home. If you spot water damage, here is a step-by-step guide for what to […]

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