What are Some Causes of Water Damage?

As the majority of individuals imagine water damage inside a business or home, scenes of local flooding that shows constantly on the news likely comes to mind. We can tell you from experience that just a small percentage of the phone calls we get for water removal are associated with flooding or storms.

Plumbing Mishaps Cause Water Damage

It is a fact that storm damage losses receive more publicity because they’ll occur in bunches and are usually more serious, yet it’s more likely that if you experience a water damage loss it’ll be from a plumbing issue. That’s the good news, because there isn’t anything you can do to prevent storms, and very little you can do to prevent damages from storms, yet there are things to do to prevent water damage from problems with plumbing.

Usually, the most serious losses happen in a business or home when there’s no one present, because any leaking water constantly flows until it’s found. We encounter circumstances all of the time at businesses in which a leak pours out water all weekend or all evening before it’s found. The culprits include blown fittings on top of water heaters situated above office spaces, automatic coffee machines which malfunction and constantly fill and overflow the pot all evening, broken lines to an ice maker or sink, malfunctioning fire sprinklers, and water main breaks inside the top floor’s ceiling.

Also, in homes, we encounter water damage from problems with plumbing with supply lines to toilets and sinks, and water heaters that blow out. However, other typical occurrences in houses are the cold or hot water hose to a washing machine rupturing, washing machines and dishwashers constantly filling as the float ball malfunctions, toilets which are flushed, stop up and constantly run, as well as bathtubs which become filled and forgotten.

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