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Emergency Flood Restoration and Mold Remediation Services in Chapel Hill, NC

Any property, whether commercial or residential, can become overrun with mold with the simple introduction of a water source such as a roof, ceiling, or plumbing leak. Anytime there has been damage caused by water in the home, there is always the chance that mold has began to form. It thrives on moisture and humidity and doesn’t take long to start growing and taking over your precious home. Mold can spread throughout a property in as little as 24-72 hours, as well as the production of allergens and irritants that have the potential to cause health related issues.

Attempting to handle the problem as a DIY can cause more problems and allow the mold spores to further penetrate or spread into your home. Turn to someone you can trust to restore your home back to its pre-mold state by contacting a professional to perform a remediation and restoration in Chapel Hill, NC.

We provide inclusive, comprehensive services for residential and commercial water damage. From water damage repairs to extraction services to water removal from your home or business, we guarantee that all areas performed on are cleaned, dried, and restored to its original pre-disaster condition.

Water Extraction in Chapel Hill, NC

Proper water extraction requires knowledge and expertise in ensuring all of the preservation techniques and safety procedures are employed. No homeowner wants to come home to a flooded house but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, it happens. However, diligent care and prompt attention from a professional water damage and flood water extraction company can guarantee the effects water damage from a flood are minimized.

Water Damage Repair in Chapel Hill, NC

Triangle Legacy employs various tools, more powerful than those commonly available to homeowners, to extract water as quickly as possible to reduce further damage to your property. Our water damage process include several steps and methods we diligently adhere to, which will restore your home as best we can. We use sophisticated water extraction techniques to remove any standing or pooled water.

Once the visible water has been removed, our team of experts will remove the individual parts of the home that need to be replaced for restoration and begin the drying process. By properly drying your property, Triangle Legacy takes the initial step in preventing a potential mold problem. Triangle Legacy will clean and disinfect all areas exposed to water and treat them to minimize mold growth.

The goal of Triangle Legacy is to minimize and reduce the amount of renovation that will be required by a water intrusion incident and to quickly provide a restoration you are proud of.

Our wide range of services include:

∙ Emergency Restoration Services
∙ Water Damage Repair
∙ Flood Mitigation
∙ Mold Removal
∙ Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
∙ Drain Cleaning
∙ Odor Removal
∙ Smoke Removal
∙ Fire Damage Repair
∙ Fire Damage Restoration
∙ Free Estimates

What You Can Expect from Our Services?

At Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration and Carpet Cleaning, we follow the most meticulous industry standards and protocols set forth by the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization and Indoor Air Quality Association.

We provide emergency services and traditional services around-the-clock. In the case of an emergency, we arrive at your residence or business premises within an hour. For both kinds, we assess the damages and shortly after, provide a free estimate to inform you on what needs to be done to get your home back to its initial condition.

Emergency and Non-Emergency Services in Chapel Hill, NC

At Triangle Legacy, we know how important it is to find a professional that offers restoration and repair services around-the-clock. We offer emergency services 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We also know how important your weekly schedule is and will work with you to find a suitable date and time to get any repairs or restorations completed as quickly as possible.

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