Choosing the Best Carpets for DC home owners with Pets!

Pets are a part of the family. It is unimaginable for a pet owner to treat their pet any different from their kids. But with pets, your carpets can have a tough time. It is common for pet owners to complain quick wear and not to forget stains. With stains and pet odor, carpet cleaning can turn into a nightmare. Also, when you have carpeting and pets, the other fear is acquiring allergies due to pet dander and dust that get trapped in the fibers of the carpet. You have to spend a lot of money calling the carpet cleaner in Washington DC and getting your carpet professionally cleaned.

So, as a pet owner, shouldn’t you be looking for a carpet that can protect your flooring, make your home look chic and also be stain resistant and durable? After all, your pet will be spending majority of his time on the floor.

As a pet owner, here are some factors that you should consider when buying the best carpets for pets in Washington DC.



Typically, natural fibers, like wool, or synthetic fibers, like nylon and polyester, are used to make carpets. A carpet made from wool is soft and environment-friendly – if you dispose the carpet, wool break down without causing harm to the environment. Above all, wool carpet is flame resistant. The downsides are wool carpets are expensive and stain quite easily. In comparison, synthetic carpets made from nylon are not only durable, but also stain resistant. What makes them attractive to pet owners is these carpets are affordable, making them ideal for families with pets and kids.

Choosing the right material will help you reduce your carpet cleaning costs and also keep your home well insulated in summer and winter, thereby reducing your cooling and heating costs.

Volatile Organic Compounds

You may not know it but carpets in Washington DC are filled with chemical compounds. These volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, can result in irritation of the nose, eyes and throat. They are also known to cause neurological problems. In fact, VOCs were common in older carpets and most modern carpets have low VOCs levels. Look for a green label on the carpet, one that specifically focuses on VOCs.

Alternatively, if you are worried about the side effects of VOCs, you can opt for recycled carpets that do not have VOCs and could be ideal for pets and kids.

Pet-friendly Carpets

The carpet manufacturing industry has finally realized pets are important members of the family. This is why now you can get pet-friendly carpets, which resist stains. If your pet stains the carpet, there is no fear of the moisture reaching the padding and creating an environment for bacteria and mold to proliferate.

Another pet-friendly carpet is in the form of carpet tiles. You may want to select a pattern and color that hides pet hair efficiently.

Choosing the best carpets for pets in Washington DC takes a lot of thought and research. Regardless of the type of carpet you choose, make it a point to call a professional carpet cleaner. Regular carpet cleaning in Washington DC will prolong the life of the carpet, keep it stain- and odor-free and also improve indoor air quality.