Why Commercial Carpeting Might Be Perfect for Your Company

Commercial Carpeting washington dcIf your company is thinking about putting in new carpet, commercial-grade carpeting might be just what you are looking for. Here is why:


One main concern of business owners who are curious about buying carpet is its durability. That is understandable, as carpeting which cannot stand up to the wear and tear of a commercial space will mean earlier replacement and more repairs, all of which will cost money. Commercial carpeting’s low profile, dense design provides it superior resilience, as well as crush resistance, and makes it the perfect option for high-traffic spaces.

Noise Reduction

Carpet decreases noise more effectively than other kinds of flooring: Not just will it absorb airborne noise, it’ll block sound transfer between multi-story structure floors. Putting in carpet in your company may assist you in creating a more work-friendly atmosphere for your employees and you, improving productivity and reducing distractions.


Carpet is fantastic at cushioning our footsteps, alleviating stress on our joints and muscles. Also, it offers a slip-resistant, stable surface, decreasing the possibility for slip and fall incidents, especially in places in which snow and rain are common. But, if a fall occurs, the soft padding that carpeting provides minimizes impact and decreases the likelihood of severe injury.


Carpeting is an excellent insulator, and traps heat in its fibers. This means your company remains comfortable within the wintertime, all while requiring less energy to do so. Not just will it make for happy customers and employees, the increased savings on energy bills are going to make owners also smile.

Simple to Clean

Carpeting manufacturers understand that business owners will demand carpets which are low maintenance, and they’ve delivered. To maximize your ROI, expert restorative cleaning is a must. In order to evaluate your company’s needs, contact your local carpet care professionals.

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