Dangers of Mold

danger of moldMold spores which land on a damp or wet space and start to grow may produce irritants, allergens, and possibly toxic substances. Ongoing exposure to a moldy atmosphere may worsen or cause pre-existing health effects. Also, seemingly healthy people may experience throat irritation, wheezing or coughing, nasal stuffiness or eye irritation in a house that has high mold levels. Individuals allergic to mold or who have pre-existing health problems might get severe infections inside their lungs which may spread. The ones who have asthma might notice worsened asthmatic symptoms over a period of time because of mold spore exposure. Recent studies suggest a possible link of early mold exposure to asthma development in some kids.


Your home and mold

Growth of mold impacts not just your family’s health yet also the safety and health of your house. Because mold grows where oxygen and moisture exist, mold usually grows around leaks inside your home’s windows, roof, pipes and particularly in flooded basements. Cooking and showers may add moisture to the air and lead to a mold problem.


Ways to control the growth of mold

While it’s impossible to fully eliminate mold spores inside the air, it’s possible to prevent the growth of mold by controlling levels of moisture in your house. Taking these basic steps may assist in keeping your home free of mold:


  • Keep indoor humidity level under 60%, ideally from 30 to 50 percent, and open windows to allow fresh air in if it is not too humid outside.
  • Do not allow water to build up anywhere and make certain that you ventilate moist rooms.
  • Make certain that you transfer damp clothing in the washer machine to the drying machine immediately.
  • Repair all seepage or leaks in your home as soon as you see them.
  • Use air conditioners or dehumidifiers in basements, crawl spaces, and other spaces of your home in which mold usually grows.


Mold may be a safety and health problem if it becomes an issue in your house; therefore, avoid the problem by taking measures to prevent its growth. You will thank yourself later on!


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