How to Deal with a Flood Insurance Claim

Flood Insurance Claims washington dcAccording to the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program), in the United States, floods are the main natural disaster. Depending upon the severity of the flood waters, a flood is able to destroy basements, entire homes and entire floors. The National Flood Insurance Program reports that 2010 – 2014’s average flood claim was $42,000. Being hit by a flood is extremely stressful, from the prospect of losing your belongings or home to the flood insurance claims procedure itself. Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning is here to make the procedure of filing for a flood insurance claim a bit less confusing.

Tips for Flood Insurance Claims

Locate and assess your renters or homeowner’s insurance policy. Your insurance agent or company may provide you a copy if the original copy was damaged or lost during the flood. Look at the declarations page for details concerning the policy’s exclusions, flood damage coverage, limits and how claim filing deadlines operate.

Contact the insurance company or insurance agent. You must make the call as soon as you can to get your claims process up and running.

Take video and pictures of the flood damage prior to starting any clean-up. Your claims adjuster is going to want to view the damage prior to any restoration taking place.

Call Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning for a complete evaluation of the flood damage and initial estimate of the costs of remediation. We’ll extract standing water, as well as enact efficient drying processes. Our crew will also conduct pack-out services, board-up and complete mold remediation processes as necessary.

Do not throw anything away while extracting water damaged items. The claims adjuster might have to review items within the claims inspection.

Within the process of your flood insurance claim, make certain that you keep in-depth records of every interaction with your insurance provider.