Dealing with Water Damage After a Storm

Dealing with Water Damage Washington DCHurricanes, tornadoes and even quick summer thunderstorms can cause significant damage to your home. Although wind can cause damage like torn shingles or downed trees, heavy amounts of rain can lead to flooding, even if you don’t live along the water. These tips can be very helpful if your home is damaged by water after a storm even before help arrives.

Remove Excess Water

Even before help arrives, remove as much excess water as you can by mopping and blotting. Be sure to wipe water from wooden furniture after you have removed lamps and other items on tabletops. If upholstery or cushions have gotten wet, remove them and prop them up so that they can dry evenly. If there are magazines or books on the floor that have gotten wet, pick them up as the colored covers can stain carpet and flooring.

Remove Humidity

If it is summer, run your air conditioner to remove excess water from the air. Because winter air is dryer, this may not be necessary during colder months. If you notice the air is heavy with moisture, consider running the air conditioner even when it is cold outside. You can also invest in a dehumidifier if you prefer not running your air conditioner during cold weather.

Avoid Electricity

If entire rooms are flooded, turn off the circuit breakers to those rooms to avoid water coming in contact with the electric. Never use your home vacuum to remove water. Instead, use a wet-dry vacuum or hire a professional. Do not turn on any appliances in a room that has flooded. If water has saturated the ceiling, remember not to use ceiling fans or lights. If the ceiling is sagging due to moisture, do not stand in or walk through the room as the ceiling could collapse.

If your home is severely flooded after a storm, it is not recommended you perform the water removal yourself. Instead, contact a professional. For more information call 202-888-2960 in the DC area, 703-673-1175 in the Virginia area or 301-523-9419 in the Maryland area or visit us online.